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European Health Insurance Cards

Zosia 1 | 51  
9 May 2009 /  #1
I am hoping to study in Europe this year but in order to use my Polish Citizenship to be able to study I need to show proof of health insurance, like the European Health Insurance card. I've lived in Canada most of my life and I am a Canadian citizen but i'm also a Polish citizen. what do you have to do get a card?

z_darius 14 | 3,968  
9 May 2009 /  #2
It depends on how you're getting to a school in Poland.

If you're going on your own without your Canadian school sponsorship then you may as well establish an official residence in Poland and be covered by Polish health insurance.

If your studies in Poland are in co-operation with your current Canadian university (student exchange through ISEP for instance) then the university will be able to advise. That's what my daughter has done. She also has multiple passports. We paid her health insurance and it cost somewhere around $500+ US for one academic year.

hey zosia, arent you z_dariusz's daughter?

I don't think so.
My daughter arrived in Wroclaw just over a week ago.
OP Zosia 1 | 51  
20 May 2009 /  #3
my aunt actually looked into and she said i would have to pay about 6,000 zl to get the card plus pay an additional 200 zl each month after that. since i decided to put my studies on hold i'm not going to get a card just yet. but is it even worth it?

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