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Proposing a Polish Women in Polish Language

kamar_77 1 | 1  
20 Sep 2007 /  #1
Hi Guys,
I am Indian guy and I am getting married to a polish girl. I am coming to Poland to ask her mother if I can marry her daughter. I think its a tradition in polish culture can you guys please help me in what should I say to her mom in polish language and also what should i say to my gf in polish language . I would really appreciate any help
Hmmm 1 | 69  
20 Sep 2007 /  #2
I am coming to poland to ask her mother for marriage

Wyjdziesz za mnie? means "Will you marry me?" You can tell the girl this. But if you're gonna ask her mom for marriage, just say "Ouch!" because Polish moms have a solid left hook I heard. Just kiddin' mate. Wish you all da best!
OP kamar_77 1 | 1  
20 Sep 2007 /  #3
Thanks Dude

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