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"Dzisiaj w Betlejem" - Learning through music.

16 Feb 2007 /  #1
I come from a very very polish family out of the Detroit/Hamtramik area and I've always thought it was a shame that the language was never emphasized in my upbringing. My great grandparents are fluent and my grandparents are semi fluent, but for some reason the grandkids/great grandkids were never imparted this crucial part of our heritage. I've always felt like an idiot at birthdays and Christmas because they sing in polish while my grandfather plays accordian. One song in particular is "Dzisiaj w Betlejem".

If I can provide the lyrics can someone help me with the phonetic? I can sing most of it and I understand the whole song, but I don't want to slaughter the pronunciation.

"Dzisiaj w Betlejem"

Dzisiaj w Betlejem dzisiaj w Betlejem
Wesola nowina
Ze Panna czysta ze Panna czysta
porodzila Syna

Chrystus sie rodzi
Nas oswobodzi
Anieli graja
Krole witaja
Pasterze spiewaja
Bydleta klekaja
Cuda cuda
O glaszaja

Marya Panna Marya Panna
Dzieciatko piastuje
I Jozef stary i Jozef stary
On Je pielegnuje

(Repeat Chorus)
Dagmara 1 | 38  
17 Feb 2007 /  #2
use this web site, just type it in and IVONA will say for you. i have a cd disk of polish christmas carols (tesco's hypermarket in poland)

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