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The Dative Case

29 Nov 2009 /  #61
I can't tell you from personal experience but I can report what my grammar book and other sources say.
"A concise Polish Grammar" by Ronald F. Feldstein lists the words you mentioned and the following: chłop/chłopu, chłopiec/chłopcu, pan/panu, lew/lwu, kot/kotu, ksiądz/ksiądzu, świat/światu. So yes, kot too belongs to this group of Celownik=-u words.

This agrees with the massive table to be found here . They also mention there człek, but the PWN-Oxford dictionary says both forms -u and -owi are possible for this word.
4 Dec 2009 /  #62
"kotu" is correct. There is already a thread on PF [] - here in which I listed names ending in -u.

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