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14 Dec 2007
Life / Indian moved to Poland [532]

I think a furure problem that will be coming to Poland. is the same problem in the UK, out of control third world immigation. I think Poland needs to strengthn its laws quickly before it becomes a problem!
14 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Immigrants trigger Irish rethink [71]

I live in Ireland, I can say that Ireland should be thankfull that the poles want to come to this country.
The people here are nice enough, but many are fat, and I hate to say it ugly. Irish people fall into two camps, either really beautiful or really ugly, and I hate to say it, but the second group make up the far majority.

This country is over-priced, mostly ugly, and the only thing intresting is what the immigrants bring with them. Ireland has to be the most over rated country in the world. I think many poles will return when the economy of Poland gets better.
14 Dec 2007
Life / Shopping in Tri-City [46]

Go to the IKEA near the Airport in Gdansk. There is everything around there.
14 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Registering a Polish car in UK..? [13]

I was orginally from the USa, have lived in Poland. I must know live in Ireland do to my limited Polish language abiality. I can tell you that Poland is better in almost every way.

Food, only food from the immigreants is good. Food from the store is very very exspensive as the market is very limited, to a few major providers. No competition equals hih prices.

The roads here are not much better, The still have a one lane highway between the major cities. I can say that Tri-cities (Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot), have a much better system. The trains here are no better then Polish trains.

I must say that even with out communist architecture, Irelands homes look like cookie cutter bland prision cells. Poland is far ahead in its modern development/

Irealand only has one thing better, more money.
I wish I was able to live in Poland.