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12 May 2009
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

When I was a teenager, I took courses for several years (maybe 5) but what gave me real practice, was my first job. I was working with a British girl for a year in the same office space. The first weeks, I did not understand what she was speaking to me because I was not used to her British accent (she spoke very good Queen's English btw) but after some time... I stopped asking her "can you repeat please" and after a year I started building sentences the way she did, and speaking like she did... she told me how much my English improved, and I was so happy. But now, I really don't speak to any native speakers and my English is being forgotten each day more and more...
29 Nov 2007
Work / Independent English teacher in Poland [4]

If i were you, i'd try advertising on the internet for giving private lessons. or whichever which you find. I think there are lots of ppl doing this, and native speakers of English are searched for.
28 Nov 2007
Travel / New Year Celebration in Warszawa [12]

Hi, maybe you find this interesting: -468976/TravelGuide-Warsaw.html

I dont know any place with a firepot... and most of Warsaw restaurants are rather stylish or posh, not necesarity cosy i would say, I hope someone else will give you a good advise. Personally I visit sometimes the Tandoor palace but its indian. Also Kampania Piwna but their style is rather Bavarian, but very comfortable. U Kucharzy - I like the food and its Polish but it looks more like a cantine than a restaurant to stay all night. I dont know what to advise you. Taqueria Mexicana - not posh and mexican, I like it. I've been to also, I liked both decoration and spanish food. It's by Magda Gessler, she's a person who can be recommended.

I wonder where you will finally spend this time!
27 Nov 2007
Life / I want some Polish Christmas. [22]

The main thing is, the most important time of the Polish Christmas, is the day before, however irrational it may sound. The eve of the 24th Dec is when the family gathers up and eat the 12 dishes, borsch, carp, poppy cake, give each other presents at the christmas tree, and when the santa is coming. Dec 25 and 26 are just normal days to see the family but there are not any particular celebrations, at least any of which i would know. So if you want to make a nice surprise for him, invite him for the 24th!
26 Nov 2007
Life / Average monthly bill costs in Poland for the following services [10]

I live in a 36 meters flat in a high 10 floor building in Warsaw. I pay around PLN 250 for rent, including water, Electricity maybe PLN 50 but I think its for 3 months, internet costs me PLN 42 per month (cheapest option read slow but enough to talk on skype and downlowad music). Also I pay gas for the kitchen its very little around PLN 15 maybe. All I pay is so little that I dont remember exactly. But I dont spend much time at home, maybe other use more especially who live with a family.

greetings from Warsaw
PS. I'll be visiting North Yorkshire for the Xmas :))
26 Nov 2007
Travel / New Year Celebration in Warszawa [12]

Hi Gary
It's a good idea to miss the mass event I think, unless you love to be in a crowed of lound, drunken ppl. Although I have never attended this event but I also prefer more cosy places. I've never been to a restaurant for a NYE but usually spend it with frieds. However this year in the UK :)

Wish you good luck