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18 Sep 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

Restaurants have actually nose dived in service quality since Polish people have been employed. You just get the impression that they have come here because they have to and it we are partly to blame for it.

Obviously I can't speak for what things are like in the UK, but here in Ireland I have noticed the exact opposite to be the case.....the Polish people who are working in our shops and restaurants are really efficient, polite, hard-working and reliable. Ok, so maybe they don't have a false smiley "hi, how are you today?" attitude....but I have noticed that if you make the effort and engage them in small talk they open up and show themselves to be witty and intelligent.

The Irish people who work in similar jobs tend to be a bit more lacks-a-daisy about their jobs.....and I often find the staff more interested in chatting among themselves and when you approach the counter to pay for something it's as if you are nothing more than an inconvenience.

Polish workers in the same situation NEVER chat among themselves....they are focused on their jobs and on the customer. And even though they are not overtly friendly, I think it is more from a slight shyness on their side and the fact that they are a little unsure of how Irish people feel towards them.
14 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

I don't believe it sapphire....yesterday before going to his shop I wrote out a short note saying how difficult it was to talk to him as he was always so busy and would he like to go for a coffee sometime, then added my name and number....

But of course, he wasn't there. He is always there on a Sat. so I'm going to try again tomorrow.

I also think you are right when you say he might think i am attached....he has probably seen me with my 12 year old son and is wondering what the story is (I'm separated).

Sooooo, we have just proven that great minds DO think alike!! let's hope our cunning plan works out :))))))

thanks for taking an interest....I'll keep you posted!!!

he wasn't there again :(

felt soooo disappointed.

Ah well, if it's meant to be it will happen, right?
13 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

I have only seen him once in the last week....unfortunately the shop was really busy when I went in (he works behind a counter so it's not the most intimate setting! ) and we were surrounded by people on both sides of the counter....but yet I have to say he seemed really happy to see me and when he was finished serving me he continued to smile and gaze into my eyes....I had planned on asking him if he would like to go for a coffee sometime...but I chickened out big time.....

As I was leaving the shop that day I noticed some of his co-workers smiled at me, as if they had noticed something between us....I suppose I have to admit that there has been a very gradual progress over the last few weeks, in the beginning he used to just try and catch my eye and smile at me, at least now he comes straight over to me when I enter the shop and he makes small talk....but mainly we just look into each other's eyes (and then of course my knees go weak and I can barely remember what it is i want to buy...nevermind ask this guy out!!!!!)

Somedays I am all for going in there and asking him to go for a coffee....then other days I think it is the wrong thing to do.....I am going in tomorrow so fingers crossed that he will be there.

oh, and thanks for asking about him, :-))))
8 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

Ive had relationships with guys in their early 20s when I was in my late 30s.. we knew they werent gonna last, but they sure were fun. I blame myself for starting this, but we seem to be trashing Irishgirls thread..

sapphire - no worries about trashing the did me good to see that many of you think there is nothing wrong with men dating older women!! I have a feeling that the guy I have my eye on might be a couple of years younger than me....

Update on asking gorgeous Polish man out........well I called into his shop yesterday only to find that once again he wasn't there!!!! Oh the disappointment......don't you hate that when you you have built yourself up for something and then it doesn't happen??!!Don't know what to do now....just play it cool and continue to call in once or twice a week in the hope that he hasn't gone off to a new job (or gone home to a wife or girlfriend??? ha ha ha.....THAT is always a possibility)

Or should I casually ask one of his Polish workmates, "hey, where's Peter these days?"

But that might embarrass him and I wouldn't like to do that....there is a lovely shyness about him.........
5 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76] bet! I can HONESTLY say I have never met a man as hot as you!!!!! ......lucky love socks?????......with a picture of Snoopy?????

.....the lady swoons.............
5 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

I agree sapphire, it is something I will have to check out! I know NOTHING about this man except that he appears to find me attractive. Also, I am only guessing his age (kinda hoping really!!) because from what I've been reading on this forum I won't stand a chance with him if it turns out I am older than him!!!!

Ha ha ha....well I went in today all ready to do some serious chatting....and HE WASN'T THERE!!!! boohoo!!!! typical isn't it? I will have to wait until Friday now to try and see him again....and i am definitely going to be a bit more direct with him....basically, I can't keep going on like this!!!! Bad for the heart and all that :))))))
4 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

yes I agree polishgirl, advice CAN help (no matter how much distance between people). I had been kinda thinking that it would be okay for me to make a move....but I really like this guy and don't want to ruin things at such an early stage.

Hey Ronek - thanks for the man's perspective....I think you got it in one! It does seem as if this guy is holding back because he is literally being watched by his fellow workmates!! The last day I was in his shop a friend of his stood there smiling at the two of us, really finding the whole thing entertaining (in a nice way...he just seemed amused by the situation, as if he had been told about me or something). I could tell that my guy was aware of being watched by his friend and it was as if he was trying to talk to me with his eyes......VERY romantic!!!!

I will come back and let you all know how I get on tomorrow.....fingers crossed!!!!!! x
4 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

Thanks for the replies guys :))))

Yeh, I think you are both's time to act!! Nothing to lose, eh? I just didn't want to mess up....I was wondering how he would react to a woman making the first move. He seems to be a confident guy, it's just that we are always surrounded by other people (both customers and his workmates) so I get the feeling he is just waiting for the right opportunity to arise.

I will hopefully see him again tomorrow and will try and start a proper conversation.....problem is i feel so toungue-tied when I see him :-))))) I'll let you know how i get on!
4 Sep 2007
Love / I really like this Polish guy....what to do next?? [76]

He works in a shop I go to about twice a week...over the last month we have started flirting with each other and now when he sees me in the shop his face lights up and he comes straight over to serve me. The eye contact is fairly intense now and he smiles a lot when he speaks to me.... I am getting the feeling that he likes me but could I be wrong? He is the first Polish person I have met (he is soooo cute...tall, dark and really handsome!!!!) and I just go weak when I see him now....

not knowing anything about Polish dating customs I am wondering how long this flirting stage could go on for? ha ha ha...we are both in our late thirties but this feels like being a teenager again!!! Pleeeeese advise :)