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20 Jul 2008
Life / Poles need to learn to save! [73]

The Germans can often drive things to absurdity by creating laws they have later difficoulties to comply with or are somply out of touch with reality (i.e. some time ago they had a law which forced people to turn their bottles into the shop wher they bought their botteled product...

Is this really out of touch with reality? In Norway we have returned bottles for as long as I can remember. You pay a little extra for the bottle, and get it back when you return it. You can return them at just about any store. Saves both money and the enviroment.
6 Feb 2008
Life / Looking for an above average gym in warszawa [7]

Thanks:) Galeria Mokotow would be pretty good for me since i live in mokotow and its pretty easy to park there too.

Anyone got any idea about the prices there?
I found what im pretty sure is their website, but i cant find any "cennik", anyone know if its there somewhere?

29 Jan 2008
Life / Looking for an above average gym in warszawa [7]

I have been looking for a gym for a while. Im going to a gym right now where i pay a monthly fee of about 120zl or something. This gym isnt really that good though since its so full, and it got old machines and stuff, im looking for a place with a bit better standards. Ive been searching abit around on google and have found some very high standard ones, but they are charging monthly fees of 700zl pr month and upwards which is more than i would want to pay.

So are anyone aware of any gyms with good standard and good choices for something like 2-300zl pr month?

11 Oct 2007
Law / Tax on import goods to Poland [8]

is there any minimum limit in which you do not have to pay tax? In norway its a limit on about 30$ where itl get trough customs without any trouble. I wanna buy some vitamins from the US for about 20-30$, how much would i have to pay in customs and taxes?
6 Jul 2007
Life / Internet Speeds in Poland [18]

Yeah thanks:)

What i want to know is how much i would have to pay each month if i buy only 12mb/s internett from chello and nothing else?:)
6 Jul 2007
Life / Internet Speeds in Poland [18]

Thanks for writing all that:)

I have a few more questions. This chello 12mb/s looks interesting to me, but i dont completly understand how much it cost.
In norway when i buy a connection i have to first pay a 1 time fee to get it installed. Then i have to pay a fee each month. Is this the same in Poland?

When you say activation do you mean this one time fee? Or is this each month? Would i have to pay 269zl each month for this 12mb/s connection?

5 Jul 2007
Life / Internet Speeds in Poland [18]

Internet and TV in Warsaw - some questions

Hi, im a Norwegian who will probably move to Warsaw, Poland to study around october. I do not currently speak polish at all. I got a few questions that i was hoping you people could answer:

Firstly, Internet connection in warsaw: How much do i have to pay, and how fast of a connection can i get? It seems like 6mbit is the fastest orange and tele2 will offer, but i just cant figure out what the price actually is.
There are so many different figures under "ceny" so could anyone please tell me what id have to pay pr. month for a 6 mb connection. And is it possible to get anything faster than this? How much would that cost?

Secondly, TV: Ive been to Poland alot, and it seems to me most shows and movies are dubbed to polish. This would obviosly be a problem for me. Are there any providers who sends channels with english not-dubbed content? Like movies and stuff like that?