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29 Oct 2009
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

Polish Vocabulary Build Up project: Head

This is only the "gamma" version. You could participate in the development checking this video out for any mistakes. I would appreciate it very much. I'm also looking for a nice Polish native speaker voice for this video.

Third betha version:

19 May 2009
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

I am very proud and happy to present to you my new idea of how to help people who try to learn (or not forget) Polish:

In plain Polish - po prostu po polsku

numbers again:

and a Polish student does a video on her's own:

Jaki jest twój ulubiony kolor?

po prostu po polsku:

czego nie ma?

case drills:




21 Nov 2008
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]


Ulubiony film:

Ameryka £acińska:

Muzyczne gusta:

Pogoda za granicą:

14 Nov 2008
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

sorry for the adverts, they suck but I earn money with it, this is great for me. I never believed one can earn money with it but I was obviously wrong. So if you want to do something nice for me then click on the ads. It is not really cool but it helps me. I don't need to waste my time with stupid assignment work.
27 Oct 2008
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

in fact this was the main motivation and reason to make this video. Just as you guessed we literary rolled on the floor laughing :D Which was fun.

jak leci:


co dzisiaj robisz?

po niemiecku i po angielsku

to niedaleko

idziemy do pracy

26 Oct 2008
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to produce a serial of nonsense dialogs. I'm just playing around a little because it's a new idea. But soon it will be back to normal every day dialogs. The main task is to make it very quick so I will do without sketching and put very simple paint drawings.

My personal interest in this project is more about the possibility to visualize a story board. This could be a very nice tool to plan a film or a film report.
26 Oct 2008
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

This project is about producing a lot of supporting material for somebody who wants to practice his Polish. The technical complexity of the project is reduced to the minimum so that theoretically everybody could participate. If you would like to help me - visit our Polish Language Forum on (I hope I am not impolite to advertise my own site here - it is meant only for those who would like to contribute their work) I will keep presenting the results of our work here. I do believe that a lot of funny ideas will come up in the process.

wszystkiego najlepszego:

pozdrowienia dla wszystkich:

ale obciach:

to dobrze:

to oczywiste:

nic nie wiesz:

30 Jul 2008
Language / Blackboard Language Project [28]

First two examples:

English for Polish:

Polish for English:

The simplicity and how easy it is to produce such lessons is the best thing in this concept. I try to find people who would like to produce similar videos for us.

It could be also very nice project for any school group.

You just take your camera (or borrow one) put it against a blackboard (or use any other background), write 20 - 30 expressions for any theme you find interesting, get any free editing program, cut the unnecessary footage, export is to wmv and upload it on youtube.

You can make a lot of people very happy with it.

If you don't know how to make subtitles - ask me, it is absolutely easy. You can also upload the English version and I will do the subtitles.
30 Nov 2007
Language / More Polish Language Video Clips [22]

thanks, also to Wyspianska :/ the clips were made by my friends - but I did the subtitles. "włanczam" is not so bad, he actually says it. But "rozejzec" is embarrassing ;/ There is one more mistake, something with "rozumie", I think I will correct it.

I would love it if somebody of you would have guts to make similar "trash" language videos ;D
28 Nov 2007
Language / More Polish Language Video Clips [22]

Friends of mine prepared those language videos. Enjoy :)

I na co ci to bylo, palancie!


25 Oct 2007
Language / Polish Language Basic Guide [19]

Unit 1

I hope that somebody would like to work with me on this Basic Guide to Polish Language - your advice and comments would be already great cooperation.

Or maybe somebody would like to join the project on his own, producing something similar.

Or maybe you send me pictures with what you would like to be the dialog - and I put it Polish.
24 Jul 2007
Life / Is there anything worse than Polish rap? [148]

Ok, I would like to make a protest statement. This is what Joepilsudski wrote some pages before:

(...)many of the owners, movers & shakers in this 'rap' industry are Ashkenazim or Jewish. (...)
but once the corporate media got a hold of it, it was reduced to a cut & paste far as the ownership of the music industry & media & Jews, just do a little research...MTV is owned by Sumner Redstone AKA Murray Rothstein, son Jewish mafia kingpin Arnold Rothstein, who was a partner of Meyer will find these same connections in EVERY media outlet, with the possible exception of Bertlesmann AG, which seems to be owned by a former Nazi for the Beastie Boys, they are complete no-talent
garbage, and have contributed nothing of value to any cultural form...(...)

I don’t speak English good enough to express my loathing towards all people thinking in this “jewish” terms.

I think it is a shame for all of us to tolerate such a filth spiting maniac in this forum. Please kick him out. He stinks.
12 Jul 2007
Life / Is there anything worse than Polish rap? [148]

I don’t understand people who keep telling that they don’t like rap. The only thing they state is: I am not able to understand. It’s like somebody would boast about being braindamaged: “Oh Yes, a half of my brain is damaged so I cannot understand a lot but still I can hate it” It’s a shame and pathetic, isn’t it?

Some people in this forum gave you a bit of an insight of the history of the rap cultural phenomenon - so if you don’t enjoy the music, don’t listen to it - but don’t go around like an moronic missionary saying that rap would be crap. This is plain stupid and it shows and tells only one thing: that you are shallowbrained, that’s all.

Look, on the one side a cultural phenomenon that has conquered the whole world, that has produced masses of music artists, that has deeply stirred millions of people - and on the other you little philistine bragging that you are plain stupid and proud of it. This is how it looks like.

And German hip hop is extremely beautiful - do you know Jan Delay, Mr. Gentleman, Mellow Bag, Absolute Beginners? The very German phenomenon is that they go by without aggression in their lyrics.
7 Jul 2007
Language / Directory of Polish slang and common phrases [in Polish] [28]

This - dictionary of slang and common phrases is a real joy for any Polish native speaker :) Specially for those who stay longer time abroad and wouldn't witness the newest development of the language.
2 Jul 2007
Life / Is there anything worse than Polish rap? [148]

I love and respect polish rap just as I love and respect american, german, french, mexican or any other blend of rap. As long as a person expresses himself or herself in an authentic way I will always respect it.

If a black american man or woman would laugh on polish rap music in my presence then I would just smile on him or her. They really’ve got a reason too, just the same as they can laugh on polish blues.

Still I would tell him that anybody laughing on others for their being allegedly “worse” acts in common and cheap way of thinking.

But I am not innocent on it either. I laugh at Boleslav who acts like an real Bolek showing that he has no idea and probably no means to talk about hip hop.
26 Jun 2007
Language / Text to speech program in Polish and more! [15]

I’ll show it to you because I got the address of the site pal site from Goonie and at the end of this video I say thank you to him for this.

Please don’t misunderstand this video. It’s not for real, it’s just a try out. Still it is very useful if I ever would plan such a program.

This is what I wrote in my forum to it:

I've just discovered that a "Text to Speech" program can be very useful in a process of working on a film report.

Using this program you can produce the temporary off comment voice for your program and change any part of it, if needed, extremely easy..

I did this sketch just to test this new idea. It is in Polish

I didn’t intend to do it in Polish actually, I just played around letting the figures dirty swearing on each other but then (probably because I work on a video report from Berlin eTwinning action) I started to tell about our project. So after one minute you can observe how the voice and the graphics complement each other, you can understand it even if it’s Polish.

Still it is only a sketch. I'm going to make it quite similar in the part of the eTwinning report only that I replace the automatic with a real voice.

16 Jun 2007
Life / Listen to RMF radio outside Poland ? [5]

The best player I ever found:

You can record the stream direct to mp3 and they have an editorial department to help you to find the most interesting radio programs from all over the world.
16 Jun 2007
Life / Popular Polish classic Songs [18]

on youtube there are a hole lot of clips with Polish music. You can download it and convert to whaterver file you need (wav, mp3). Try to search with: polska muzyka, hip hop poland or the like.

I restrict myself to three clips I like to show you :)

Akurat "Do prostego czlowieka"

Nalepa - Modlitwa

Pono - Pierdole to
12 Jun 2007
Love / How can a black man get a Polish women [248]

I’m sure there are a lot of Polish girls who would dream of having a beautiful baby with a (as you put it) black man :)

I think there is nothing like a common “Polish girl” mentality. It all depends of how intelligent they are. Basically like everywhere else.

What is a typical mentality of an American women?
12 Jun 2007
Language / Help!! I've got to teach year 7 Polish numbers. [13]

this is the only half-way professional I ever found: (the best comment on this one by supersusie: “the guy looks like he wants to kill himself....”)

and this is my absolute favorite ;D

This one doesn’t really qualify, but still it has subtitles and gives you some insight into an idyllic rural life in Poland ;D

11 Jun 2007
Language / Help!! I've got to teach year 7 Polish numbers. [13]

thank you, I actually thought about counting from 1 to 100 associated with pics representing the corresponding age.

Somewhere from around 40 it would be a continuous decomposition of the human body and at the end our grannie would be 100 (all his friends long gone) and the crowd would cheer “Sto lat, sto lat” - which would enrage him because as he has just become 100 years old it would be not sensible whish at all, and then he would get a stroke and die. All of it in a minute presentation. Maybe teaching the kids something about a fugaciousness of life ;D