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30 May 2007
Language / Most-used Polish verbs (and every-day sentences) [37]

Hi all.

I would like to hear if anyone knows of an online list of the most used Polish verbs, somewhere on the Net, or inside this forum?

Or maybe just if one of you could write something down, with the verbs and how they change in the different tenses and cases.

You know, like the following for the present tense:
Jestes'my (sorry my spelling)
Jesa,n (I think)

Furthermore, just in case, if some of you knew a good list of useful sentences that would also be very appreciated.

Thank you a lot in advance.
- a half-Pole in DK
30 May 2007
Language / Most-used Polish verbs (and every-day sentences) [37]

Thanks for your quick responses!

slwkk > Thanks. I just knew how to say it - it's a whole other thing when you have to write it correctly.

shopgirl > That sounds great!
31 May 2007
Language / Most-used Polish verbs (and every-day sentences) [37]

Thanks a lot for your great response.

Do you inflect the verbs in the same manner, when they end with a c'?
- And how would that be, in the most-used tenses?

And what about the single occurences, fx on the world-english-site? How would you use them in different cases?

I hope it isn't too much. You've already given me a great help in a very little time.

Im Voraus vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen aus Dänemark,
the half-Pole. ;-)
3 Jun 2007
Genealogy / My surname Fabiseski (Fabiszewski?) and origins? [8]

Hmm.. The closest surnames I can find are Fabecki, Falczewski, Faliszewski and Faliszowski, but none of them are close enough to give a definite guess.
3 Jun 2007
Genealogy / My surname Fabiseski (Fabiszewski?) and origins? [8]

Oh well, yeah.
The mentioning of the Fabiszewski-name is quite notable, so I'll support you in this.
The names I mentioned before were just alternative names, which it may've been, if this didn't occure.
3 Jun 2007
Genealogy / My surname Fabiseski (Fabiszewski?) and origins? [8]

Bryon, you can try to use the ShtetlSeeker at to make a wildcard search for placenames in Poland starting with Fabiszew-.
For me it sounds like one of those many 'of somewhere'-names.
In my own family I have for example the Radziszewski-family from Radziszewo-Sienczuch in the Podlasie-region.

You can look at PolishRoots' site for 'Origins & Meanings" (through Google), where you can get hints about how Polish surnames were created.
- And I've checked earlier; your name isn't there on the list.
14 Jun 2007
Language / Most-used Polish verbs (and every-day sentences) [37]

I'm still interested in hearing, if anyone knew of rules on how to inflect the different kind of verbs?
There might be a system, I suppose, so verbs with the same ending are inflected in the same way, or something..

For different verbs, the site kindly shown to me above can be used:

And could anyone give examples on how some of them change in the different tenses?
- Thanks in advance. ^^
21 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

#1 > We've large problems in Denmark concerning the Muslims, as in every other part of Western Europe. And no-one gets anything of the officials of what's going wrong.

That's why I'm delighted that the situation in Poland is at least not as extreme as in many other countries.
If any other state collapse, we shall make sure to have Poland left for the Poles, and again to mark the position of Poland as the stronghold against foreign forces, as it has been the case with the Mongols and then the Turks.

What we'll have to do are a longer discussion, but we must stop the globalistic madness and realize that Islamic believers can never be integrated in a Western society, as long as they stay with all sides of their faith.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children", as David Lane put it.
Drop the fanatic 'anti-racist' outcries and realize instead what major problems we stand in front of.

This is concerning us, not the other parts of mankind. The Muslims fight internally in the Middle East, but they aren't the ones who are in danger of losing their nations to totally different people, who has come to slowly, but securely, take over your whole society.

For some it sounds like a Doomesday-prophecy, but people must realize the problems before it's too late.
22 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

Grzegorz, I meant before it was too late for the Poles.
I consider, for example, The Netherlands as almost lost territory.
If we look around in Europe we can see how things end if they continue how they are now.

James, I agree with you. As long as it doesn't hurt the nation itself, then let us have those immigrants THAT WE NEED - and only those who have the exact qualifications for what we might need them for.

Let's say that we right now need 800 skilled workmen for a period of time - let's have them, but when they've completed their duty they can go home again. They got their salary, and that's what drove them to the work.

We have to be that strict if it's ever going to work.

Olito: That's just concerning the wicked Americans. ;-)
But you should be VERY careful about comparing Mexicans in the USA with Turks in Germany. They don't fit together at all.
The problem with the Muslims isn't just that they follow a kind of constitution written in the Arabian desert for 1400 years ago, even though that's pretty extreme. The thing is, if you study islam, that from the 20th century many Muslims reacted to the European colonialism (damn them, for what they've done) in the Muslim countries, together with some other things.

The Muslim rulers never really used the laws of the Qu'ran earlier, but suddenly they wanted to 'get back to their roots' and to get back then, when their faith was pure and unspoiled by Western civilization. So they started taking up these extreme rules - Saudi Arabia is an example of this - and putting them out in practice. A very hard job, because there was no experience from if earlier on.

JUST after they started getting all fundamentalistic we had a huge immigration from Muslim countries, with people who just recently had discovered their pure Islamic heritage. Many of these came from low-developed parts of their own countries. From Turkey, for example, the majority of those immigrants were from the mountains in the East of Turkey, and they're all like primitive rednecks to the people in Istanbul and elsewhere.

These people aren't letting themselves integrate, because their religion doesn't say they should. The Jewish Torah is made that way, because they always were a minority in others' countries. But Islam is a rulers' religion, so people who stay fully to the demands of their Islamic holy book can never follow the laws of Western countries fully.

They just see: 'Ah, the Qu'ran says we should conquer the world with our religion and with the sword in our hand'... Islam is a very racistic and intolerant religion, and that's why I'm very much against the islamization of Europe, which has been going on for quite some time - and all thanks to the multiculturalistic post-hippies...
22 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

Well, Grzegorz, maybe you just don't see the problem because you don't know enough about it.
- But I support your way of thinking and agree with you.

Justyna, you support the kind of thinking, which made the problems able to develop.

My dear Sausage-German: The thing which really can make the situation worse is this new EU-constitution - and I think it's great that the Kaczynski's stand up, so they don't just follow the stream downhill, all the way into destruction.

This may be taken as a sign, that Poland will not just go along with anything, so the future is brighter for Poland than for many other nations.

When you look at Denmark, you see that we have a longer tradition of giving us selves some space in the EU-agreements, so if just the single nations protest and insists of going against the stream, they might have a chance - but nothing seems totally bright.

We're entering a dark period of European history.

And that witch to Angela Merkel has now made some changes so the Danish people can't get a voting about some parts of the treaty, and that's what we have to fight against, because that's really a clear sign of power-abuse.

At the last parliamentary election in Denmark, we got a total centre-bloc into power - luckily. And the Danish People's Party as a support-party. That party has very often been a victim of 'hetz' from anywhere and everyone, but they've been able to get some very important regulatives through, about immigration and similar topics.

If they didn't got through with those things it would've been very bad, and now there's an election next year, and everything can happen....

But this shows, that there's at least some people who realize the dangers and wanted some more strict laws concerning the foreigners.

The Danish are just such a 'sissy' people.. Those who really realize the wrongs don't dare to come forward, they just sit down and talk over a cup of coffee about 'the damn perks' and all that, but when they get out, you can't tell those people from fanatical left-wingers.

And that's why our struggle should go through the democratic elections. We shall convince the people and let their votes support us in our struggle.

Because even though these people don't stand up about it, they still got their votes. To the luck of the Danish People's Party.

I just hope that Giertych can get into the same role in Poland, as this party did in Denmark, to make sure Poland doesn't 'ride the waves' without thinking about the consequences..
22 Jun 2007
Genealogy / Family coat of arms - Franczyk [5]

The clan didn't had to be related, it could might as well just be a kind of bonding between some different families - for example organized some originally Lithuanian (noble-)families themselves into a 'clan' with the coat-of-arms Tra,by, when they moved to Poland in the first period of the Jagiellonian dynasty. Families in this 'clan' were my own Jaszczuld/Jaszczold (later Jaszczolt), but also the famous Radziwill-family.

The families attached to these unique Polish group-coat-of-arms are called herbowni - herbowna in singular, as I recall.
You can use that when you search for more information about its structure.

Good luck!

PS: This site: gives a good overview of many Polish szlachta-families relation to different coat-of-arms, but yours isn't there. But I would just think of it as a name meaning some like 'son of Francis', so it's not that uncommon in my ears.

I think to have read that those -czyk names were most common in the Ruthenian-borderlands, around the Kresy Wschodnie.
22 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

The EU sure change, but in the opposite direction of what they should, and that's due to the lack of resistance against the current development.

The BRD came on its feet because of huge American injections of k a p i t a l, and from then on Germany has more and more been reduced to a puppet for, among others, the USA and has been forced (=firmly guided) into having this role of the front-people of globalization - so no-one can say they're like the Nazi's during the Third Reich.

The Germans have gone from one extreme to the other, and this one seems more and more to become more lunatic than the former - with a bit of guidance from the Jewish community, who still play their roles as the victims, even though they control the majority of the globalistic debates..
27 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

I agree with you all - Hachamovich, Olito and Irishman.

It's a damn important issue and as you say, Irishman, some people are trying to turn this multi-culturalistic ideology over our heads, just like Nietzsche saw Christianity was doing some 130 years ago.

I can just say that I'm relieved that just some people inside this forum understands the importance of the struggle against these forces.

Then you should be aware of some organizations, which do make an effort, even though the road to victory's very long and bumpy.
Take for example ITS - Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty - even though you're not aware of it there's a group in the European parliament that wants the EU to be dissolved.

And I think that's the right way to go.

Because, as I see it, EU's the biggest threat for us now, with this EU-constitution and all that. They open all our boundaries and leave no national control left behind of anything.

So it has to be dissolved internally.

Besides that there's a kind of network called Stop the Islamisation Of Europe.
They are making an international demonstration outside the European Parliament on September the 11th, 2007 in Belgium.
It organized by groups in Denmark, England and Germany and should have contact with groups in France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland, but I only know about the three first as 'secure'.

Look here:
Contact about organizing:

As to secure Poland it's important to do something with the rest of the EU. If not, Poland just has to follow all the demands which have been passed in the EU-parliament, and so will end like the rest.

Hachamovich >
With this comment: " Too bad that some arabs/muslims don't agree with you (and with me), so they use the hospitality of the European countries in order to do more crimes and terror attacks." - you have hit the bulls-eye, more or less.

They certainly exploit that there are some utopian dreamers who're dictating how we should act and behave, and that they can't see the Muslims as a problem (because "uh, we're absolutely not racists") - and they have worked on this idealistic thinking for some 35 years, and have developed it into many international organizations.
8 Jul 2007
Travel / Ukraine - A New Destination of Vacation for Poles [27]

Southern > Is it then racistic to talk about a Germanic race, or Celtic?

I'll support you, Witek, in your statement. I find the whole genetical research very, very important for getting more information about ourselves.
8 Jul 2007
Travel / Ukraine - A New Destination of Vacation for Poles [27]

Southern, in the same way it took some time before some people could realize that we aren't created by a god, but just a well-developed primate, as to Darwin's thinking.
29 Sep 2007
Genealogy / Looking for a polish Girl in Wroclaw (Jelena Dabrowska) [5]

znmastr > When your case is that important, why not try to call the 17 Stanislaw's from abroad?

It's not that difficult a task - if you just know the language.
If you don't speak it so well, maybe you know someone near you, who can speak it, and who would like to help you in this matter.
29 Sep 2007
News / Why so many bad candidates for Poland Prime Minister? [261]

The same that supports the death penalty, the same that puts Christianity wherever he can ? The same that is supported by the antisemitic, racist Radio Marija ?? Wow ! So if he's a good Prime Minister, please tell me what is a bad one ??

There isn't anything wrong with those things.
A bad Prime Minister would be a communist one, or at least a fanatic multi-culturalist..
29 Sep 2007
Life / What do Polish people think about Turkey? [52]

I know for sure that Turkey should be kept out of the EU.
EU is doing enough harm against the European states already, and a culture based on Islam can never be integrated into a Western society, without it results in a Western kneefall to the Muslim demands.
29 Sep 2007
Polonia / Polonia in scandinavian countries [23]

Rubin, what would you like to know?
There're pretty many Poles in Denmark, Sweden and probably also Norway - in that order - but Finland is rather ethnic clean.
There must be someone there, however. Poles are everywhere, luckily.

On the island of Sjælland (Zealand), in the capitol-area and north from there - in Northern Zealand - there are pretty many.
There are special schools for Polish kids, to learn about the language, history and culture, and in our local Catholic church there's a special mess - exclusively in Polish, by a Polish priest!
29 Sep 2007
Polonia / Polonia in scandinavian countries [23]

Osiol, Finland is still one of those countries, which generally suffers very little, when it comes to crime by foreigners.
It's completely different on the other side of the Baltic, in Sweden, fx.

And well, I think all European countries have gotten a portion of the Negro runaways.
As much as the general society are trying to live with the somali's, they're pretty often committing crimes.
It's oke to give them some aid, but at some point they have to go back. Their own actions has in a long period showed that many of them aren't capable of living in a Western society.

- And no, I'm -not- a racist. In Denmark we have crimes committed by Negro's and Muslims every day, and when you constantly see, how the press and the politicians tries to cover it up - and do nothing about it, you become pretty frustrated. -.-
29 Sep 2007
News / Why so many bad candidates for Poland Prime Minister? [261]

Lukasz, you can prevent that kind of high-level multi-state of developing into a kind of power-abuse.

Look fx at the recent EU-treaty/constitution (what they may want to call it). When Merkel had her period of chairmanship she did everything she could to push the treaty through, and still everyone is avoiding the fact that this EU-'constitution' is just like the earlier one, with some very, very few modifications.

The EU-politicians are doing this, because they saw how unsatisfied people were with the earlier one. And they give a d*mn about the people, as long as they get their things through, they're happy.
30 Sep 2007
Life / What do Polish people think about Turkey? [52]

Grzegorz, until we get that EU-constitution back in the trash bin where it belongs, Turkey should be kept out. There're few benefits and a very high risk that Turkey would have a bad influence, especially now, when the government party has turned towards a more islamic-friendly direction.
12 Dec 2007
Polonia / Polonia in scandinavian countries [23]

Heh. Yeah, Marek, in Denmark no stranger should talk aloud about a private matter in English. Everybody understand.