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23 May 2007
UK, Ireland / Nice British people. (see. the article ) [41]

It sickens me to see that, but what is worse is that the town that happened in is actually where I am currently living. (I am not from here but I hate the place and am planning to move as its not a nice town)

Makes me ashamed to be British.
23 May 2007
Love / Foreigner's opinion about polish ladies [304]

oh stop.. just be yourself.. dont lay guilt trips,, just be a man, say what you want
to say, like yes I like you, would you email me,, can we talk?

Yes, the important thing is to never regret approaching and speaking it is a victory in itself even if the answer is not what you wanted to hear.
6 May 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

Defending Britain or Poland?....Why would a Pole want to defend Britain?

A common enemy, in World War 2 free forces from occupied countries continued to fight with the British in the war.

There was a number of Polish pilots fought in the Battle of Britain and they were in general much more experienced than their British counterparts. Britain had a major shortage of pilots and sent our own men up there with inadequate training at the time only to possibly have them shot down.