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3 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

Quick update, I placed second at the Lake Tahoe Ultimate Elvis
and I won the San Diego Elvis Contest but no invitation to the finals in Memphis. I don't think this is my year but maybe juuust maybe.

Hey I want to thank all who sent kind words again.
I won a qualifier to sing at the L.A. County Fair on Sept 5th so if you like come and cheer me on. I will be wearing a white jumpsuit with a big Black Bird on it (Kruk)

I am still trying to sing at the Yorba Linda Polish Festival too.
I will let you know.
10 Jul 2009
USA, Canada / American Polish Festivals Information [12]

Merged: Polish American Elvis needs to find some Polish festivals in US to sing at.

Hey forum if you have a chance could you kindly listen to my song "Don't Be Cruel"

and if any of you know of Polish festivals etc. I could sing at I would love to know I will travel to entertain people who love Poland and Elvis or one or the other.

Thank you
29 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

Thanks to all who gave me encouragement.
I won the San Diego County Fair Elvis contest!!
I am officially one of the best in Southern California, next stop the world.
I am planning a tour of Poland for 2010!
24 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

King Kruks finale at Pechanga Ultimate Elvis

Remember I will be at the San Diego County fair June 28th at the Coors "Rock on " Stage at 4 p.m.
22 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

I haven't done many Gigs in Vegas I am based in So California.

I would like to thank all who responded for your kind words of encouragement.
I came in fourth place and missed third place and $2000 by two lousy points.
You can visit my website

I will post my performance there shortly maybe you can give me some tips but I thought I rocked it.
I'll get em next time
thanks again everybody
18 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

Thanks Dice, if I can get my wife to film the contests I will post the videos.
So just type in King Kruk in the youtube search and they will be there.

Kruk made it to the final round one of five Elvises. I have to beat one of the best in the world today to win.

I will do it. Wish me luck
17 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

Friday the 19th 6p.m. free
Sat 20th 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. free
the top 5 Elvises perform on Sunday at 6 p.m. $15-$30
so if you can come fri. or sat. yell real loud so I move on to the final round.
16 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Polish-American Elvis in Ultimate Elvis Contest [30]

Hey Folks I am a 2 year member here at Polish forums I have been selected to perform in the "Ultimate Elvis Contest" in Temecula California June 19-21st at the Pechanga Casino resort if I win I will go to Memphis for the World Title. I would love to have some support if anyone is in the area.

And I am also performing as Elvis in the San Diego County Fair June 28th at 5 p.m.
Hope to see you there !
Here is more info
29 Jan 2009
Study / Looking for English Language schools in Katowice [48]

My 2 cents worth Callan teaching taught me grammar which as a native speaker I didn't
know how to explain. After a few months I could teach it well after one year I could teach it in my sleep with 5 seconds prep but I began to dread teaching it. It did however make me a better teacher and I was recruited by a great school. Typical prep for me is 20 minutes. But for CAE classes it was an hour. If you have never taught English start at Callan learn the grammar and if you like it move to a new school. I wish I was back in Poland as even though we have hope now we don't have decent jobs here in the US.

well all right I don't.
26 Jan 2009
Study / Looking for English Language schools in Katowice [48]

They paid me 40 pln an hour. Took my money isn't exactly accurate but its like this:
I had an agreement for one year where they paid ZUS (Polish health insurance) Then they didn't renew it. They wanted me to form my own "company" so I would pay ZUS this is a very common practice saves the school a ton of money.

Then I worked black and was taxed at a higher rate than I would normally and I would also have to find my boss and somedays he wouldn't be there with my pay.

It wasn't a lot of money but after 6 mos it adds up. I then found a better job at Empik but Top is a good place to start as you can learn how to teach and also the prep. time is almost zero so if you go to Poland for some fun Callan schools are good, but boring after a while. I just have bad feelings for the Katowice Top English School.
26 Jan 2009
Study / Looking for English Language schools in Katowice [48]

It is a Callan school I woked there for a while its a great stepping stone to better schools.
They will hire you black but the boss will keep some of your pay. All the Native speakers quit due to the boss when I worked there in Katowice. The boss in Chojow(SP?) just north of Katowice is awesome. Also try Empik I loved working there on 3-go maja just across form the train station.
13 Jan 2009
Life / Living In Poland For The Expat [67]

I worked in Tychy and lived in Katowice which I think it is an up and comming city and while it will never be Krakow beautiful the best bands stop by often from all over the world. There is great Hockey and awesome piwo. Katowice is central and all of Europe is a train or plane ride away when you need a break. I learned enough Polish to get by and even converse (poorly but semi-understandibly) just by listening and asking questions.

And if your telecommuting job pays decent English wages you will be a King in Tychy.
Hell I will move back there with you. I miss Polska very much. you can e-mail me any questions also I am very familiar with the region I lived there for 4 years.

Love will keep you warm matey. Good luck.
I say go for it.
27 Jun 2008
Life / Things to be afraid of in Poland? [109]

Wear plastic shoes in krakow so when some Brit on a bender pukes on them you can clean them easily.
2 May 2008
UK, Ireland / Anti-Polish sentiment of England [253]

If u want to preach hate

yeah and...

I really hate all the Mexican'ts moving here!

I'll take an illegal pole over a Mexican't anyday!

what are you preaching Rocky? love?
22 Apr 2008

As far as theKruk is concerned I welcome any and all and hopefully more people of color here, but caution its not the most open-minded place. The average Pole in my humble opinion has a long way to go until the red and white accepts the rainbow.
19 Apr 2008
Life / My girlfriend wants to go back to Poland as she thinks lifes better there [36]

Polish people will always travel to find green American dollars and they think of little else. However, Poland is probably changing and there is a new middle class emerging, however, much of it is based on credit.

Did Great Britain switch to the dollar? I am American and I think about American dollars quite often too, oh my God maybe I am Polish!
15 Apr 2008
Language / misleading differences between Polish and English languages [92]

When I first went into an internet cafe in Poland and knew very little Polish I pointed to a computer and said "Internet" the guy said "no" so I moved to the next computer and pointed and he said "no" , I moved to the third and he said "no" I looked like I was about to cry from confusion and he shouted "TAK"