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21 Nov 2007
Love / The girl from poland i met ,i hope you dont meet a girl like this [59]

Thread attached on merging:
i am looking for a polish girl who ws in uk ,who is now back in poland

last seen her in ,april 21 2007 she lives in slaskie is 27 5ft6 blonde blue eyes and works as nursery nanny ,here name is Magdalena Kondas , if anyone can help me at all i would apreciate any help they can give me ,as to finding someone in poland .
8 May 2007
Love / Rules for dating Polish girls [189]

i have the same problem girl all assume i am a real prick ,vain and a poser ,because i am always told where ever i go i am very goodlooking the girls i am with are so ****** and they cant stand a guy getting complementing instead of them for a change , i have a pic when i was 20 and people say i looked george michael ,maybe i should post it and let you make up your own minds ,i would say i am nicelooking but wouldn't say as good looking as george michael
23 Apr 2007
Love / The girl from poland i met ,i hope you dont meet a girl like this [59]

thnks for fighting my corner .geesh talk about kicking a man when he is down ,and no i am not american ,actually i am half polish from the united kingdom ,i expect you would even argue i am german because my surname is klein ,i still haven't got over magda ,thats why i am so bitter and hurt ,i still think about her and why she did this to me ,when all i did was show her kindness and love .
18 Apr 2007
Love / The girl from poland i met ,i hope you dont meet a girl like this [59]

hey guys .i want to burst your bubble ,english men think these polsih girls are all beautiful and are lovely kind ,genuine ,honest and thoughtful girls ,well the one i meant was the most hard faced uncaring,cold hearted girl you could meet ,you took all my gifts ,pretending she loved me and kept it quiet she had boyfriend all along and decided to tell me at the train station when i was saying good bye to her ,if i had a gun and seen her now i could honestly shoot her for what she done to me ,if she is feeling happy why should be ,when i am feeling very upset and down ,she dont deserve to be happy after what she done to me she is a cold hearted uncaring girl.
14 Apr 2007
Love / Can anyone help with my brokenheart???? [67]

i am paul ,i met a girl lol she was called magda aswell well she was working at where i work in uk varfell farm ,we got to know eachother and like eachother thru being around eachother and talking about ,are families,food , cultures ,pets ,it was the only true time i have ever felt this deeply in love with someone ,i was worrying thinking maybe she felt the same but was afraid to say she did ,so i plucked up the courage and told her how i feel about her ,and how much i cared for her and loved her and how she was the only girl in the world i wanted ,i would do anything for her ,marrry her even move to poland for her from uk ,i just wanted to be with her and i would have give or done anything to be with her ,she said back to me paul i dont want to hurt you or you get mad at me ,but i had a boyfriend all along and never told you about him ,i liked you and was afraid you wouldn't want to go out with me or spend time with me if you knew i had a boyfriend ,i am half polish so her excuse of us being from different cultures aswell and different backgrounds isn't a another good excuse is it .