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20 Nov 2009
Life / What is there to do in Warsaw?? [37]

thanks for all the answers. and yes, it's true you can't drink and drive in Poland or you can't drink and ride in Poland. But cubs are pretty cheap
17 Nov 2009
Love / What do you think of Polish women who swear in English? [15]

Swears in other languages than native languages aren't counted as swears.
People shy only of themselves, their own languages.

Swearing in another language than your own doesn't feel as bad as if you would do it in your own

I can totally agree with that! Swears in other language doesn't sound so bad as in your mother tongue.
17 Nov 2009

I never use potatos. What I use is:
- boiled carrots,
- boiled eggs,
- dill pickles,
- peas
- maize (sweet corn)
- apples
- leek
- and mayo or yogurt
17 Nov 2009
Life / UK expat recently moved to Warsaw - lots of ongoing questions :) [27]

Q. What kind of things are there to do for New Year's Eve in Warsaw (or nearby)? Is it a big deal here? Do people usually go elsewhere, or hang around in bars near the centre of the city, etc?

Just to cut the conversation about the water... :)

The New Year's Eve is usually a big thing here. Fireworks, concerts and parties.
I'm not sure what's going on this year yet but last year there was a show on Plac Konstytucji.
If you want to go the club check the club out because they might have already started to sell tickets. Some of the ppl have parties at home.

In Polish New Year's Eve is called "Sylwester" so google it out and for sure you will find sth for you
17 Nov 2009
Life / What is there to do in Warsaw?? [37]

Nov 17, 09, 23:22 - Thread attached on merging:
What to do in Warsaw?

Hi there,

do you know of anything interesting that is going on in Warsaw this weekend?
I mean clubs, bars, concerts... whatever