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13 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

Or, alternatively, make the card when you're at school, put it away somewhere. Grow older, have sex, have kids of your own and then give yourself the card when the arrogant little bastards forget to make you one. Problem solved.
18 Nov 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

Yes, this doctor hospital thing in Poland is all true. For example my friends girl wanted him to go just because he burnt himself and put his wrist through a window. All just part of a good night out (it was his window.)
15 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

a ha ha a ha ha ha ha can't they just make cards, fathers day or someones birthday or whatever they want a ha ha a ha ha.. next they'll ban crucifixes and head scarves and.. oh wait
12 Nov 2009
Life / Where to do laundry in Krakow? [24]

Yes, thanks polishgirltx.. Im guessing you don't want to buy a washing machine for your landlord.. the only good news is that the one you mentioned has a bar.. I'm there now, my clothes are spinning and so am I woo hoo