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24 Nov 2009
Life / Why do Polish people celebrate the name day? [11]

I don't understand the other day my husband tells me it was his name day, 2 weeks before that it was his birthday. I'm american and we only celebrate birthdays. Can anyone explain to me the point of the name day and why is it celebrated?
10 Nov 2009
Love / How do u know if a polish man likes u? [37]

maybe its the alcohol
I think you need to read the book: He's just not that into you! Dont watch the movie read the book so much better. Its not how do you know if a polish guy is into you. He is a man. If he is calling you NOT TEXTING, if you asks you out on a date that has to do with something else rather than alcohol, and if he just tells you. When men like a woman it is known and we dont have to go crazy trying to figure out if the guy likes u or not. So find someone else.
10 Nov 2009
Love / Sending flowers to my Polish boyfriend [73]

I have the same problem my husband is away right now and I was thinking about sending him flowers for his birthday. Because I would rather fly to see him but I hate to fly I get really nervous and feel like im going to die on the plane so I was just thinking about sending him flowers. I rather send him flowers than send him a bottle of vodka.