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12 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Private primary schools list in Ireland? [4]

With Gaelscoil is one problem only :) We are polish and no one at home can speak Gaelic :) But it is true, I was thinking about all Irish school ...
31 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Private primary schools list in Ireland? [4]


I would like to find list of private primary schools in Republic of Ireland. I know list with post primary schools from scoilnet ... but on scoilnet is nothing about primary schools.
31 Oct 2009
Life / Polish Kids - Polish speaking? Bilingual? only English? [56]

My son is speaking both. For him it is fun to speak Polish with Irish friends :P He is only 5 but he is not teasted for being different ... maybe because in his school - Educate Together - are children from whole world. And one polish guy is not big problem if you have children from Etiopia, RPA, Russia, Japan, Vietnam ect :)
30 Oct 2009
Life / Looking for childrens books in Polish [20]

If youre still interested in polish books, I have some. This is collection of simply and not so simply books for my son. He is 5.5 and we learn at home polish as well so if you would like some books we can rent them or just make some photo copies. What exactly you are looking for ? I have "good old" "elementarz" - book used years ago in 1th class of primary school.

Let me know if you still need something :)