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17 Nov 2009
Life / Looking for childrens books in Polish [20]

Ok well I was having some issues trying to read the directions to order the book and plus it got extremely expensive. But instead I had a different thought. Does anyone have this book? And if so would you mind either typing out what's on each page or better yet scanning it so I can see the picture with what is written? I think I'm just going to illustrate it for my Mother. Sorry for the hassle but actually Angelique you gave me the idea so thank you.

So yes, if some one could be so kind to scan it. I can't read Polish so the words might be tough without a description of what is happening.

Thank you so much,

28 Oct 2009
Life / Looking for childrens books in Polish [20]

Does any one know of a story of 2 brothers Paweł i Gaweł I think that's it. My mother told me a long time ago, I think it was a funny or religious children's story. But I am looking to purchase it for her as a gift and I can't find it anywhere. Please help thank you.