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24 Oct 2009
Love / Girls in Poland so desperate for$ Poland has the greatest no of Prostitutes [135]

This topic should be close because there is no point in discussing it,What i know there are prostitute everywhere in the whole world.What do you care if there are alot in Poland or elsewhere.Everyone who is doing that are looking for something to survive as long as they don't disturb me then i don't have something against them.You should know that if there are no prostitute there will be alot of rape everywhere.Good luck guys.
23 Oct 2009
Love / All Polish girls are like that? If you were her would you do the same? [62]

If Polish women turn you down then go for another country women, such as czech,Slovenia and Moldovia,Georgia and so on.
And i will advice you no European women will like you because you are a muslim and you will go and take shower after every sex because you want to be clean in front of God,Sound stupid.Good luck dude.
20 Oct 2009
Love / How do Polish men treat their women ? [45]

Well this apply to individual al over the world, Many men feels good beating their wives or girlfriends,so which means it apply to some Polish men too. I ask my wife she said they do but not only them ok, you should bear that in mind.
19 Oct 2009
Love / How do Polish men treat their women ? [45]

I have no idea of how Polish men treat their women despite the fact that i live here in poland for a year and some months now.
19 Oct 2009
Love / In your opinion, are most Polish women 'Easy'? [243]

Thanks for raising this topic,
Polish guys are too easy where ever they live,African people saying about Polish women is that ones you can keep her and provide accomodation for her then you have seen a wife also she will give you alot of sex you never dream of.But my oppinion is that polish girls are not cheap but they fall for sweet mouth easily and i can say maybe because they are naive.They get married easily with a stranger and their belief is that they did it for love but the guys take them as fool.So with all this behaviour they will think they are cheap but i know that they will learn their lesson soon as other did.Good luck ladies and gents. Sorry all girls in the world are cheap until they learn their lesson and i hope Polish girls will do soon because i hate how guys treat them like a dumb.
15 Oct 2009
Love / Received an email from a young Polish woman - Is she too good to be true? [70]

Eric Crapton.
To my experience it's a scam please back off.This Person is not polish.He or she must be from Russia or Ukraine and as you can see he or she used online translation device to translate the english and it's commonly used by Russian and Ukrainian scammers. Good luck friend.