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21 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Anybody knows how to watch Polish channels in UK? [36]

I set a dish a few years back.
We didnt want to pay a subscription, but we still managed to watch about 10 Polish channels free (on hotbird satellite I think)
I dont think that the sky dish is pointing in the right direction to get european channels.
20 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

e.g. some cultures do not believe in using deodrant and body odours are natural and accepted. please have some respect for others because YOU STINK!!!!!!

sorry espana, after writing something like that. I cant even be bothered to continue.
Have a good evening
20 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

Just been reading some of the posts here - particularly Bratwurst boys.
I dont know anything about you or your backgound.

I have a little girl who seems to be growing up very quickly.
i want her to grow up respecting people from all cultures and religions.
I certainly do not want her growing up thinking she is somehow more valuable or worthy than someone else just because she comes from a rich country.

Just intriqued as what you will (or have?) tell your children - that you are superior somehow.
18 Jun 2007
Law / Importing goods to the UK [5]

Hi Piec,

Thnks for your message. I would like to hear your experiences - how can I contact you.

OK got it now
10 May 2007
Food / Vegetarian food in Poland? [83]

just to reccomend greenway. And a chain called vega
Great food and value for money - delicious birch drinki (brzoza I think)
Wish we had them in the UK.

Also a great veegy restaurant in Krakow, will try and search for the name.
And anyone who says that veggies are unhealthy - I have been one for over 20 years and i am a big strapping carpenter...
6 May 2007
News / Are there any other countries that Polish immigrants are going to? [70]

There are not much I think. Most go to Sweden,Denmark and Norway which is understandable because they are nearer. So it is not only language.

Thanks for the link maxx.
I noticed you are based in Helsinki, Are you Polish.
Not enough Poles to open a Polski Sklep there yet then?
15 Apr 2007
Real Estate / Experience of buying a property in Poland with no estate agents? [13]

The only benefit I can see of using an estate agent is if things go wrong.
For example rights of ownership of the property, or in our case we are buying a building plot, we have been told that it has building permission (obviously we will check this out before we purchase).

Do estate agents verify these points when they advertise a property, and are they liable for false selling.
Do you just use a lawer/solicitor to negotiate sales?
thanks again

just checked the search link for "apartment",
all the answers I need seem to be there,
Thanks for your help.
good luck with the hangovers - whats a polish hangover cure by the way? hair of the bison?
15 Apr 2007
Real Estate / Experience of buying a property in Poland with no estate agents? [13]

will have to do it later, my little girl is trying to push a red crayon into my ear as we speak!

Just trying to sell a property here in the UK at the moment (to fund Polish purchase) Am thoroughly fed up with estate agents either English or Polish.

28 Mar 2007
Real Estate / Bad news for house self-builders in Poland (building material cost up) [15]

My wife has just returned from Poland.

Read somewhere that the price of building materials is set to increase by as much as 100%
Due to the government increasing duty on materials.

Bit worrying as we hope to build a house in Poland.
Anyone else heard or know more about this?

24 Mar 2007
Food / pizza offers in poland [11]

Just ask for pizza vegeteriana - and fritki prosze. well thats what I do - seems to work
24 Mar 2007
Life / Best Sat Nav devices for use in Poland [41]

I have a cd that came free with a magazine in Poland (Mapa Polska)
It's great for planning a journey before you go.

Or the rac uk website does free journey planning "" that covers Poland.
Otherwise I enjoy getting lost and finding places I never would if I planned my journey.
Plus everytime I go back to Poland there seems to be new roads everywhere...
22 Mar 2007
Real Estate / Buying a plot and building a house in Poland? [26]

Hello again Gregorz, thanks for the advice.

I understand about being close to the sea.
But the plot we are buying is surrounded by forests and a large lake.
Maybe countryside holidays?
Which nationalities are your guests?
First Poles, then Germans,?
What about Swedes - quite close to Swinojouscie?
Any British at all?
16 Mar 2007
Real Estate / Buying a plot and building a house in Poland? [26]

Well thanks for the advise everyone.

We will be in Poland in May - so we will go and visit the area towards Gdansk.

I have a feeling that the Uk property bubble is getting ready to finally pop.
Poland seems a far safer bet long term.

Hello all,

just an update on our plot!

Parents in law have visited the plot we are interested in - there were very impressed ( we are still in Uk at the moment).
Nice area, forests lakes etc.
Initially just buying, but I want to build a house (either for us to live in in the future or to rent out).
Very exiting, will make an offer next week. Then I guess the beurocracy will begin.
Just asking again if anyone else has bought a plot to buil on - any advice ?
Finding reputable Polish builders (if there are any left in Poland)>
Also bubba-woo, you mentioned that you had links to kit house builders - I cant pm as I haven't posted enough messages yet.
16 Mar 2007
Real Estate / Buying a plot and building a house in Poland? [26]

erm no.

So I presume we are being unrealistic.
We have a friend who runs a small hotel in Mielno. In the summer the place is booked solid for 4-5 months - but the winter - nothing.

She claims that the summer is busy enough to enable them to live through the winter.
But I guess 1 bad summer season and you are in trouble.
What about Kolobrzeg ? is the situation the same there -or is there winter tourism?
Also Leba. I havent been there yet. but I hear that it is a very nice area.

Hello Again.

This year.
we have just renovated a house in the UK, its on the market. Hope to make a fair profit, certainly enough to get a small guesthouse if we decide to.

Other wise we will buy a plot - sit on it and rent somewhere.
Are you in Poland all the time?
16 Mar 2007
Real Estate / Buying a plot and building a house in Poland? [26]

Hello there.

Thanks for your responses. Just been trying to register so I can pm - not sure if I managed it properly?
Anyway - that plot looks interesting - the kind of plot we are looking at - but is it only for recreational purposes (ie can you live there all the time) it also looks like it is in a national park - building restrictions?

But even for the advertised price it seems a good deal considering the area it is in.
I really like the town of Kolobrzeg, been there in the summer and the winter and it is always busy.
We have been thinking about some kind of guest house (maybe aimed at British tourists - maybe even dentist holidays by the sea -Cavity-on-sea rather than Clacton)

Are we being unrealistic if we thought that we could live on the income of a small guest house. Or would we need other incomes?

I havent been able top PM yet, but I would be very interested in links to kit house companies. It seems a fast way of building a property.

Thanks Jake