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23 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / British news: The Poles might be leaving but the prejudice remains [52]

hi,isthatu2! glad somebody agrees with me :) up here its impossible to find anyone! you are the same as me. im english first easily, i would happily be scottish really but its all the anymosity that causes that.

odd forum to start this debate! :P
what brought you here?
23 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / British news: The Poles might be leaving but the prejudice remains [52]

i'll start by saying that i came across this site by accident while searching for something completely different (i can't even remember what it was now!) and i have to give it a big thanks for changing my opinions on poles. i cant say that without admitting i was a bit prejudice and i apologise for that. i believe it's because in aberdeen, (i won't say the poles are rude because that's generalising a nation and i hate that!) but the "aberdonian poles" are really bad for it! (also possibly generalising but the ones i have come across anyway.)

another thing i want to say is to delphiandomine! pull yourself out you own a**e! you are british whether you like it or not, be proud that your scottish by all means, but why at the expense of hating the english? i say this as an english girl who has lived here the majority of her life. the anymosity up here is ridiculous. the scots can be really lovely people and i have many many wonderful friends up here not one though that at some point haven't tried to start up some scottish/english debate. why? i am on both sides, i love both countries, but this anymosity makes makes me constantly have to sit there and defend myself. i can easily pass myself as scottish, i have the accent, but these days i tell people as soon as they go to say anything remotely anti-english if only to see the look on their face...and have occasionally gotten comments like " oh, you dont seem it, your so nice"

it's shocking. and i can assure you having lived on both sides and been to england hundreds of times where im considered scottish the anymosity down there is nowhere as bad towards you!

nice to "meet" you all :P

since writing this i realised it turnded less into a rant about delphiandomine into one about general england-scottish stuff! sorry about that, i started, i couldnt stop! basically all i wanted to say to you was, there's nothing wrong with being british. you can ignore the rest :D ..sorry again. my fingers are like a man thinking with his p*nis sometimes before thinking!