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22 Oct 2007
Language / wysyłać, is this the right word? [16]

'czy ja mam wyslac ci te ksiazke...' to me, at least, sounds more natural.

don't use "ja" because verb "mam" already indicates who.

Also, when addressing a person always use capital letter not "ci" but "Ci"
22 Oct 2007
Language / Przedstawiam się [24]

You need to learn when to use :
we or w (Polish) = in (English)

eg. countries:
Mieszkam we Wloszech = I live in Italy
Mieszkam w Niemczech = I live in Germany

Mieszkam we Wroclawiu = I live in Wroclaw
Mieszkam w Poznaniu = I live in Poznan
21 Oct 2007
Language / Przedstawiam się [24]

Dobry wieczor :

Mam na imię Melusine.
Jestem Angielką.
Mieszkam we Francji.
Bardzo mi miło.

some mistakes, just for your consideration
14 Oct 2007
Language / Expressing years in Polish [20]

Yes, as an example, if I was to say that I was born in 1955, I would write in Polish, 'urodzilem sie, w tysianc dziewiecset piecdziesatym piatym roku'.

In 2001 I have not a clue, but I suppose something like w dwa tysiace pierwszym roku or something similar.

born in 1955= in Polish = w tysiac dziewiecset piedziesiatym piatym roku
in 2001 = in Polish= w dwutysiecznym pierwszym roku

How are years said in words?

1997 - nineteen ninety seven
in Polish, the year : rok tysiac dziewiecset dziewiedziesiat siedem
2001 - two thosand and one / twenty-o-one
in Polish: rok dwa tysiace jeden

in Polish, please.

I suppose:

it happened in 1984
... until 2012
in Polish: wydarzylo sie na przelomie lat tysiac dziewiecset osiemdziesiat cztery i dwa tysiace dwanascie

these use a different case?

In words, please, someone.

30 Jun 2007
Language / Which case for adjectives? [47]

Examples: 1 On jest smutny/smutnym 2 nie chce byc smutny/smutnym 3 bycie smutny/smutnym jest zle.

1. On jest smutny
2. Nie chce byc smutny
3. Bycie smutnym jest zle

I'm sad (jestem smutny) but if you are in sad mood, it's men you are in smutnym nastroju
you (smutny) (smutnym ...)
she... (smutna) (smutnym ...)
it...(smutne) (smutnym ....)
we... (smutni) (smutnym ....)
you... (smutni) (smutnym ...)
they... (smutni) (smutnym ....)
[they... form for non men] (smutne) (smutnym ....)

ja (I) ................................... smutna (woman) smutny (man)
ty (you))............................... smutna (woman) smutny (man)
on (he)................................ smutny
ona (she)............................ smutna
ono (it) ............................... smutne

my (we)..................smutni( group of men/or mixed sex group); smutne (group of women)
wy ( You-plural form).......smutni (group of men/or mixed) ; smutne (group of women)
oni (they-masculine form)............... smutni (group of men/or mixed sex group)
one (they-feminine form)..... smutne (group of women)
29 Jun 2007
Language / Some example sentences using each of the cases in Polish [33]

Yes, but why is it for example, ja mam psa but ja mam psy and not ja mam psow? Psy is a living thing too. You do not answer my point at all.

Declension of some Polish nouns:
In polish language there are 7 declensions:

Mianownik (kto? co?) pies (singular), psy (plural), kolega (sing), koledzy(plu)

Dopełniacz (kogo? czego?) psa " psow " kolegi " kolegow "

Celownik (komu? czemu?) psu psom koledze " kolegom "

Biernik (kogo? co?) psa psy kolege kolegow

Narzędnik (kim? czym?) psem psami kolega kolegami

Miejscownik (o kim? o czym?) psie psach koledze kolegach

Wołacz! piesku! pieski! kolego! koledzy!

No, my question was why is it mam psa but mam psy when it is mam kolege but mam kolegow

and your answer why:
Biernik (kogo? co?) psa psy kolege kolegow
kogo?co? = whom/what can I see/I have?
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

have a look - UK news:
Monika Szmecht, 20, was a city centre waitress who had been living in Liverpool for 13 months.
and Polish news:

20 letnia Monika Szmecht, która przyjechała do Anglii zaledwie około tygodnia temu, została spalona żywcem
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

I don't really know what's going on, but I won't be surprise, that the old Poland 's "buddy" is doing his work:)

PS: Disgusting!!!
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

Where is the truth?????

In the UK newspapers they've pointed out that the girl's boyfriend did that to her.....?

In the Polish news, they're describing : she came to the UK a one week ago and while walking on the street, she was attacked. ( looks like- attacked by the strangers??)

and continue on the Polish news: her neighbours statement , from the Uk: "she was a pretty and really nice girl"
8 Jun 2007
Life / Most famous, respected Polish last names? [46]

Former US First Lady's (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) younger sister -Caroline Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwiłł Ross, married in 1959 a Polish Prince: Stanisław Albrecht Radziwiłł. They had a son Anthony (Antoni) Radziwill (1959-1999) and a daughter Anna Christina (Anna Krystyna) Radziwill (1960)
29 May 2007
Language / polish font question [6]

£ódY, ³ódzkie 93-479

do you mean city "£ódź" and a region: "£ódzkie" or a city/town called "£ódy" ????
26 May 2007
Language / Polski versus Polska [10]

ja jestem polski would work too :)

...ja jestem z Polski :) now should work :P
25 May 2007
Language / Polski versus Polska [10]

polski = polish (eg. language)
Polska = Poland (country)
Polak (male), Polka( female) = Polish or Pole ( nationality)

I'm Polish= jestem Polakiem (man) , jestem Polka (female)
25 May 2007
Language / 'Jasiu' - Polish name given to my brother [8]

Quoting: ella
John = Jan and short form is : "Jasio" (Ya-shoe)

Jasio can't be short form of Jan, coz it's longer :D It's just diminution.

good remark :)))) and you're right
in other words:
"Jasio" is a childish form of "Jan"
25 May 2007
Life / Polish Name Day celebration [40]

with all that said, How do you say "Happy Name Day" in Polish. The more I think about it, I think we'll have our usual Sunday dinner, with the family, BBQ, beers , etc, and I'll just say Happy Name Day to him. We'll make a bigger deal of his birthday, when the time comes.

I heard that people receive gifts on their names days. Please give an example. This would be for a man.

"Name Day" Polish are celebrating same as Birthday. Any gift is welcome.
Name Day in polish = Imieniny
known greetings: Najlepsze zyczenia z okazji Imienin or ......Wszystkiego
najlepszego z okazji Imienin
29 Apr 2007
History / Soviet war monuments in Poland - what to do about them? [133]

I am young / but I know Polish history / Estonians were a fiends of a Germans Nassis ....................SS/called "Gestapo "army from Estonia!!!!!

And the history must stop here...jan72
29 Apr 2007
History / Soviet war monuments in Poland - what to do about them? [133]

Germans were trying to exterminate poles/jews. If i remember correctly, poles were to be worked to death by 1975. Russians were just suppressing poles/jews, they did not have an extermination policy. Therefore they were "less evil."

No one knew at the time what Russians were doing to the Polish people, soldiers and the Polish Intelligence.
They've tortured and murdered Poles not only during the war but for many years afterwards.
Here are some of the facts:

"In 1939, during the Russian invasion of Poland, some 14,500 Polish officers were captured and interned in three P.O.W. camps in the Soviet Union. The next time the world heard of these prisoners was a news broadcast on April 13, 1943, from Radio Berlin. It stated that the German Army had discovered mass graves at Katyn, 18 kilometres north-west of Smolensk, near the village of Gneizdovo and containing the bodies of Polish officers. Eight graves were opened and 4,253 bodies exhumed. All were dressed in Polish uniforms, with badges of rank and medals intact. No watches or rings were found on the corpses. It was established that the bodies were of Polish officers from the camp at Kozielsk, situated in the grounds of a former Monastery, near Orel. Two other camps, at Starobielsk (3,910 men) and at Ostashkov (6,500 men) were wound up and closed in the first days of April, 1940. Whatever happened to these 10,000 odd officers has never been established. They were never seen alive again. From evidence obtained after the war, all prisoners of Kozielsk camp were shot by Stalin's NKVD.
On April 13, 1990, fifty years after the massacre, the USSR for the first time admitted its responsibility for the murders."

Link to more info :
19 Apr 2007
Love / How to tell woman to stay away from my man? [28]

Can sum1 please give me a rough idea of wot to say to this polish girl that Ive found out has been having an affair with my partner.
I dont want to threaten her, nothing like that, but I want to warn her to stay away from my man, as not only does he happen to be her boss but especially as she knows he has a wife and kids.

I'm polish too, and when I read this kind of stories ...I'm really upset. Talk to your husband as a friend, try it

To a polish girl ,you can write something like that: Jestem zona...(state your husband name here ) , wiem ze wspolzyjesz z moim mezem co jest straszne, poniewaz on mnie upewnia w swoich uczuciach na codzien. Zrozum dziewczyno my mamy dzieci, ktore zostana nieszczesliwe jak bedziesz kontynuowala te znajomosc z moim mezem.

Chcialabys znalezc sie w mojej sytuacji kiedykolwiek??? Kocham mojego meza i on zapewnia mnie tez na codzien w swoich uczuciach.( and put your name here)

I think your husband is looking for any sex available, talk to him , you are exposed to many diseases from his unhealthy sex habit.
17 Apr 2007
Language / "Whatever" used as slang - Polish equivalent? [29]

Mother: "You must clean your room before you go out?"
Son: "Yeah, whatever".

In Polish you can answer: " no dobra, niech bedzie"

Friend 1: "So we can meet at the bar before we go to the party?"
Friend 2: "Sure, whatever".

also, u can use "no dobra, niech bedzie"

whatever = niech bedzie /or nie ma sprawy
14 Apr 2007
Food / What is the drink called "destroy the foreigner" is it a joke or real? [5]

It's a joke only :)

It's a kind of vodka called: "Krupnik"

Fire Vodka (Krupnik)

1-1/2 cup honey
2/3 cup water
1 tsp. vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
8 sticks cinnamon
2 whole cloves
3 strips lemon peel
1 bottle vodka

Combine honey with the water, vanilla, spices and the lemon peel in a large saucepan. Bring this to a boil cover, and simmer for about 5 min. Add vodka, remove from the heat serve hot or cold.

Na zdrowie! :)
1 Apr 2007
Love / Are (most) Polish unmarried people virgins? [60]

especially if they've never been married? do they also believe in only marital sex

Nowadays , it's not popular to be virgin at some age, more popular to be not virgin/means : a girl is not <ugly>! :)

Sorry but that's the truth, it's 21 Poland too :)

especially if they've never been married? do they also believe in only marital sex?

Polish people are , and especially women are different in compare to a <arabic> origin or <hindu> where only man allowed to have a sex:). We are civilized, and only one can tell if she's virgin or not . That's her or his choice.
29 Mar 2007
Language / Open Conversation - English/Polish [28]

"how are you?" we don't greet people with this sentence = jak sie masz?

Greetings: "czesc", "witaj", "hej", "dzien dobry" (during a morning&day), "dobry wieczor" (at night)

after "nice to meet you" you can ask:
co slychac?/ or: co porabiasz?/ or : jak leci? /or: jak sie masz? = how's are things?

Chcę mowieć płynnie po polsku

1) Chcialbym mowic plynnie po polsku. ("chcialabym" for female)

2) Chcialbym umiec mowic (or :rozmawiac) plynnie po polsku.

3) Chcialbym nauczyc sie plynnie rozmawiac po polsku.

Why is it incorrect ella? Do you mean grammatically or is it just too impractical?

both, sorry :)
29 Mar 2007
Language / Open Conversation - English/Polish [28]

Czesc, jestem Adam i mieszkam w Kanadzie.
Hi, my name is Adam, I live in Canada.

Jak masz na imie? What's your name?

Milo mi poznac /or: Bardzo mi przyjemnie (after receiving answer about her/his name = Nice to meet you


Is "Moje imię jest Adam" incorrect?

is incorrect