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26 Aug 2009
Food / Easy to learn Polish dish. [14]

Thanks for the replys people :)

I am going to have a go at Kotlety mielone this Friday, Just hope it goes ok and turns out nice,
21 Aug 2009
Food / Easy to learn Polish dish. [14]

it doesn't get any easier then kotlety mielone

Right so i guess this is my starting point.

Should be interesting... Once i have it down I will let you have a look :)

I guess i will be able to get the Ingrediants through google.

but it's pretty hard to find in the States

By the way i am From the UK, I bet there is no chance of me finding it here... :(

Anyway thank you all again ^^
20 Aug 2009
Food / Easy to learn Polish dish. [14]

Thank you very much!

All that polish food looks Awesome and is making me hungry

20 Aug 2009
Food / Easy to learn Polish dish. [14]

Hello all,

So... I have been looking at some Polish food, i must say it looks very nice,

My plan is to be able to cook dishes like Bigos and gołąbki (apparently not so easy)

Can someone please tell me maybe a Polish Dish that is rather easy to make,

Also maybe someone knows some good learning resource,

Thank you for your time

19 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Lady making me Bigos... [przez żołądek do serca] [18]

So anyway....
She is currently in Poland for her Cousins Wedding,

And she E-mailed me over FaceBook

in the Email she said this;

"OH my mum did some bigos for me so I wont be forced to do it for you (PRZEZ ZOLADEK DO SERCA - REMEMBER)"

I think i get it LOL

That is fine though, she is a nice lady (and crazy... in a good way) so it will be amazing just to remain friends,
LOL She broke a promise

Right thanks people,
Take care
See you around
18 Aug 2009
Language / How Many of you love the Polish Language? [79]

I love the language, I have a hard time speaking it though, But i will keep trying and persevere,

One day i will hold a conversation with Polish person in polish Obviously :)
10 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Lady making me Bigos... [przez żołądek do serca] [18]


The place where I work, I have just started working with a polish lady, Katarzyna.

We have got on really well straight away, and now she said she is going to make me Bigos.

She also said:

przez żołądek do serca

So what do you people make of it do you think she likes me?

Thank you,

PS is Bigos nice?