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1 Aug 2009
Love / How Many Dates Before Sex in Poland? [86]

One should have sex before the first date, just to get it out of the way. If it goes ok then have the date and go dutch.
1 Aug 2009
Love / Is my marriage proposal with a Polish girl idea good? Girls, what u think! [49]

Well, I'm 33 years old, considered good looking and have a good career but will never be married as I am on a marriage strike until the court systems are reformed. Of course this is a good excuse to stay away from getting married as well.

As to those men who are desperate for sex, I feel sorry for them. They are weaklings and probably deserve to get married and hen pecked for the rest of their pathetic lives. I can't stand weakness in anyone.

Women who use sex to get what they want are nothing more than prostitutes. They don't have to stand on corners soliciting sex to be prostitutes. A married woman who takes advantage of her husbands weaknesses is also a prostitute. So is a woman who insists that men pay for dates while conversely demanding equality in only those things she wants.

Women here know what I'm talking about. Few will admit it though.
1 Aug 2009
Love / Is my marriage proposal with a Polish girl idea good? Girls, what u think! [49]

Here in Czech Republic the failure rate for marriages is around 67 percent.

Not surprising, men should abstain from marriage until there is fairness in the courts.

the above comment...really makes me not like you. Everyone has weakness...yours seems to be arrogance for a start

You are confusing arrogance with confidence.

I agree with many of your ideas

There you go.

I think the strike is already on.
Look at the marriage rates and birth rates in USA and Europe.

There is a mini-marriage strike in the U.S. More and more men are staying away from the unfair nuptials because they see what has happened to their fathers and they have seen so many women destroy marriages "to find themselves" and all that other bullsh!t.

Only stupid or ignorant men in the USA get married.

Some women are already complaining that men don't want to get married. There is the true adage that is more true now then ever; during a divorce the woman says, "my money and stuff is all mine and his money and stuff is half mine". Why would any man agree to such an arrangement?
3 Oct 2009
Love / How Many Dates Before Sex in Poland? [86]

How Many Dates Before Sex in Poland?

I had sex before the first date; if the young woman didn't go for that then it was her loss.

8 Oct 2009

25% of all scientific nobel prices are pure semitic Jews

Most Jews are Ashkenazi Jews who are only slightly related to Semites.The Jews of the bible
are more closely related to Sephardic Jews who are darker and hence more Jewish. In short, most Jews today have central and east European blood running through their veins.

Too bad so many Jewish Kapos helped the Nazis exterminate their own kind. "Be proud of it".
8 Oct 2009

In some circles, it is suggested that there are good Jews and bad Jews. The bad Jews are the ones who always create some kind of unnecessary evil; pitting one group against another, while attempting to show their own Jewish superiority. You seem to be one of those.

As to Jewish chromosomes, Steve Jones. "In the Blood: God, Genes, and Destiny. Flamingo", Excerpts:

"Ashkenazim are quite distinct from their Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern co-religionists in the incidence of the disease and in the mutations responsible... The genetic family tree of Jews from different parts of Europe shows that they are not a unique group, biologically distinct from other peoples around them. There is, though, evidence of common ancestry that gives Jews at least a partial identity of their own. In most places, there is overlap between the genes of the Jewish population and those of local non-Jews. There has been interchange; sometimes through recent marriage, but more often as a result of mating long ago...".

"The Y chromosomes of Jews are - unsurprisingly - not all the same; the idea of the sons of Abraham is a symbolic one. They do show that many males, some only distantly related to each other, have contributed to the genes of European Jewry. On the average, most Jewish populations contain more diversity for male lineages than for female (whose history is recorded in mitochondrial DNA). This means that there has been more invasion of the Jewish gene pool by the genes of non-Jewish men than of women. The Y chromosomes of Jewish men from the Balkans are rather unlike those of other European Jews, perhaps because there was more admixture in this unstable part of the world."

Shmuel A. Cygielman. in "Medieval Jewish History: An Encyclopedia, ed. Norman Roth. Routledge", states;

"...the Jew in Poland employed local Slavic slaves who aided them in developing their enterprises. ... As by Jewish law, after seven years they were required to free their slaves, often, the owner, when his female slave continued working with him after her release, proposed that she remain with him as his wife, and undertake the management of the household as an equal partner, all on condition that she convert to Judaism. This could also explain the Slavic cast which often manifests itself on the faces of Jews from this region."

Good Jew or Bad Jew?
8 Oct 2009

if most of the Poles had having help them a little bit more

Many heroic Poles who helped Jews or attempted to help Jews will go unknown because they were killed for doing so as were the Jews who were being helped. No other country had this criteria. Thankfully, some Jews who survived were able to tell about Poles who helped them (Yad Vashem). Many Jews who were helped by Poles died before they were able to name their saviors.

As one Jewish survivor said, "I demanded guns from my Polish neighbor who was with the underground. He wouldn't give me any and I accused him of hating Jews. Only later did I find out that he only had 3 guns ...."

Jan Nowak "Courier from Warsaw" alerted the West of the plight of Jews, as did others. Unfortunately Jewish organizations in the west, especially the U.S. did nothing to help even when such news reached them. But then, people are afraid to admit to their own dirty laundry, especially if they are "chosen".

I never thought much of me being a Jew, but since I am on this forum I'm getting more and more proud to be one!

Same here, I never thought much about people being Jewish or not, until I kept hearing all the anti-Polish assaults, especially the myths. I am looking forward to seeing a movie about Jewish-Soviet alliance against Poles when the Red army came in from the east. The one where Jews pointed out Poles who were summarily shot. Funny how Hollywood hasn't made one yet.

Too bad so many Jewish Kapos helped the Nazis

Yes - nearly as much as there were Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Latvian Kapos.

Percentage wise more Jews helped the Nazis than Poles; as to Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Latvian Kapos, those countries, at least initially, allied themselves with Germans.

it seems like you're talking about animals. Stop that, pls. I'm a good boy, but I will turn into a bad Jew and kick anybody's racist's or anti-semitic's *ss should need arise.

The reference was to George Orwell's "Animal Farm" where all animals were created equal but some animals were more equal than others. Does that ring a bell? Speaking of animals, a friend's father said that when he was growing up in Russia, the Jews there referred to gentiles as "cattle". Not very nice.

As to kicking butt; you can have a piece of my 6'5" 270 lbs anytime. It's easy to threaten behind a computer - knock it off.

My Dad has Askhenazi Greek-Jewish origin (I beleive he is 25%) but that probably isn't enough to count it upon me.

Is that twelve and a half percent where you got your brains? :)

Maybe the Palestinians are right after all?

You got me thinking.
2 Nov 2009

Nice retort Sokrates, you have presented information and facts. Those who criticize you on a personal basis have lost any argument they have by default. The ad hominem attacks on you (as the messenger) are the tactics of those who cannot oppose the information you have presented.
6 Nov 2009
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

By the way, why are we still going on about this, the girl wasnt raped, she just wanted an abortion and used this lie in order to "try" and get one.

Well, I suppose that's just one of the many reasons some women file false rape charges.