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19 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Need programs subtitled in English on TV Polonia [2]

I'd like to watch TV programs subtitled in English on TV Polonia (I receive this channel in Italy on Hotbird 1,2, 13E).
Their TV guide does not give any indications on how you can find programs subtitled in English.
I contacted them but I have not received any reply.

I know they broadcast programs subtitled in English, a few years ago I used to watch them.

Does anybody know how I can get this information ?

3 Aug 2009
Love / Looking for Polish websites for singles [8]

Thanks so much.
I visited most of the ones you listed. At first glance they seem really great dating websites.

As the registration forms are in Polish only, I'd like to find a good online free Polish-English translator. I found "" , is that a good translator? If anybody here knows one better than that, the information will be very appreciated.

31 Jul 2009
Love / Looking for Polish websites for singles [8]

I am Italian, I'm planning to move there, so I am interested to Polish people who are living in Poland.

Thanks for the link. I registered there and browsed for a while. However there are just few members. it is not worth the price they are asking for a premium membership (if you don't buy premium membership you can't contact members).

If you know more similar websites, please let me know, I'd appreciate it a lot.
Poland is a big country, I can't believe there is no any large websites for Polish singles living in Poland.
Any European country has at least one of those (Italy, UK, France, Germany..... even newcomers to EU such as Hungary or Romania have one. Romania, with just 23,000,000 people, has so many of these websites, so Poland with a population of over 38,000,000 is supposed to have more...).

Are Polish singles so different in their online habits than other European singles?

31 Jul 2009
Love / Looking for Polish websites for singles [8]

Hello to everybody,
I need to find Polish dating/romance websites.
What I'm looking for are dating websites for singles with most of registered members from Poland.

By performing searches on the Search Engines with keywords such like 'Polish websites for singles' etc.... I found only international sites with just few members from Poland.

I suppose there are websites for singles in Poland. Otherwise where Polish singles go when it comes to meet people online?

I hope to find anybody here is able to help me.

Thanks a lot