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20 Dec 2009
Language / pzdr? [8]

it's short for pozdrowienia/pozdrawiam. It means greetings/cheers.
23 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / UK government refuses me to live in the UK!!! [22]

according to them as i cant prove that im Polish I cant live here!!!

why do you have to prove you're PL? why not prove that you're British?
Well, looks like all you have left to do is come back to PL :)
23 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / UK government refuses me to live in the UK!!! [22]

Dunno really, its all a bit odd :D

it is indeed;

a few months work under my belt before I go back to Poland ;)

that is if they let you live there.
Think twice, if you take a plane tomorrow you'll make it for Wigilia and Christmas (Christmas market & mulled wine in Krakow's Rynek are so tempting!).
28 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

You are 5 years younger than her. She is much more mature than you are.

it's not always the case. Maturity is much more about what you've done/achieved in your life, the knowledge and experience that you've gained, the responsibilities that you have than about your age. A 21 years old who takes care of himself or/and his family is more mature that a 33 years old who still lives at home with mama and papa, food & drinks provided by the latters.

If you put the effort in with any woman and listen to her and get to know well

and here is the answer to your question, if you want to know if she's interested, you have to talk to her. Wait for the right time and place and ask her if she'd consider to be more than friends with you. It's the only way.

if a woman fancies you she's gonna go into fireworks mode regardless of what she's like everyday,

maybe she fancies him but for some reason she's not sure if she wants to start something with him, so she prefers to keep the distance? Maybe it's because he's her colleague and she doesn't want to get involved with someone from work, maybe she's got someone back home, maybe it's because he's Asian, not PL, not chirstian (if it's the case)?

Anyway Zero Cool, you won't know until you ask her.
28 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

asking for advice on a forum is among the silliest things you can do.

in some cases it may be silly, in some cases it may be the only place where you can ask.
I was talking about maturity in general, not about this particular guy. I don't know him so can't tell anything about him.