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8 Jul 2009
Food / where to buy polish food online in US? [14]

I sent my dad a big gift basket from POLANA one year and he loved everything...until he went to place an order for some good kielbasa and kabanosi himself a few months later. He's a Polish guy who retired in the mountains of northern Virginia and can't even get rye bread let alone some good kielbasa. He was shocked at how much the order and the shipping came to and once his order arrived, he noticed that all of the kielbasa had been shrink wrapped and had a sticker on each that said ANDY'S of Chicago....

... It's the exact place where POLANA orders all of the meats you buy from them! And not only is the cost of the product about 1/2 of what POLANA charges, the shipping is less too! if you call ANDYS they will even send you a catalog by mail... I HIGHLY recommend ANDYS for amazing meats!