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Speaks Polish?: My native tounge in English, and I have learned basic German, but have just began to learn Polish.
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30 Jun 2009
Life / What really represents Polish people? What would be the symbol of Poland... [51]

Hi Milana,

Traditionally Polish people have typically been perceived as very religious (Roman Catholic). Most that I know are devote Catholics, both from the USA and Polska.

[(KEYWORDS: Traditionally, typically) -- I understand that their are some people that are Polish that are not religious at all, and do not want to offend!]
25 Jun 2009
Feedback / - the iPhone App [9]

I would love a m.PF app for my iPhone......if they made it a moble version, it would work great and be easy to use (especially with the 3G network)
24 Jun 2009
Study / Engineering Master programs in Polish universities [10]

Merged: What is top technical university in Poland for chemical engineering research?

Just wondering if there were any good ChE programs in Poland involved in drug delivery and cancer therapy research?

I am lookin into some for post-doctoral research.


23 Jun 2009
Genealogy / Last name "Wujcik"-Immigrated to USA before/during WWI from around Kraków [7]

Any idea where those 300 Wujcik's are located? I would think they would all be close by.....

I do know a few different Wójcik families, but we have figured out that we were not related, sadly.....

My grandfather, having visited some family in Poland during WWII, said that our name was very rare back in the homeland (and even more so in the USA). So I guess that confirms that my name wasn't chopped or changed....good to have some reassurance.......
22 Jun 2009
Genealogy / Last name "Wujcik"-Immigrated to USA before/during WWI from around Kraków [7]

I know that I do have some relatives still in Poland (my granfather used to be in contact them bofore he passed), but we have lost touch with them (as my parents do have not contacted them).

I also know that my great-grandfather (who was the one which came to the US) did not get his name chopped of changed, because he never became a legal resident of the US. (Haha, he jumped ship and swam.) He left Poland to meet his wife and family in America. They had left (legally) months earlier to get out of the war. He also had some brothers that immigrated to the US as well. All of them resided in Rhode Island and/or southern Mass.

I was wondering if there is a town near Kraków which has a population of "Wujcik's".

If anyone has any information on this, please pass it on.........

If you have further questions, don't be afraid to ask.
22 Jun 2009
Travel / Looking to travel to Poland for summer + looking into Tours of Poland [4]

I am looking into and I am wondering if any of these are better deals than others.

[] - Here is a link to the 3 planned trips.

Which cities are a "must-see"?

I speak a bit of Polish, but probably not enough to get by.....would this be a problem in any particular cities?

I am really looking forward to this trip and want it to be a good one at a good price!!!

I am open to other suggestions too...