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Learning to speak Polish options.

sihnon 1 | 5  
28 Jul 2009 /  #1

I just got back from visiting Bydgoszcz, Poland and really enjoyed the people and culture.

This was mine 3rd time i visited Poland and the only problem i had was the language.

The friend i visited speaks dutch so i have no problems talking to him but his wife and children only speaks polish and it was difficult and also i met this girl who is a friend of the wife who i'm very intrested in and she also likes me too but speaks very little english.

I now want to learn Polish but i don't know if i should just buy a book or go to classes.

The classes are a year long and 1 day per week at night ,total of 60 hours and if you pass each year you could got the next stage.

a total of 360 hours if you complete the course.
They use a handbook for the first stage called Zaczynam mowic po polsku.

Does anyone know of this a good beginner's book? and can i speak a little polish after the first stage.

any suggestions welcome.

Lefty 13 | 124  
28 Jul 2009 /  #2
Start with cjjc's thread...

There are many courses, books, audiobooks and computer programs for you to discover.

Polish forums is a great first step.
sausage 19 | 777  
28 Jul 2009 /  #3
go to classes.

take lessons if you can, it will give you the impetus to do all the other learning activities
doktorowa_d - | 4  
28 Jul 2009 /  #4
So after first pages will be difficult to speak Polish, the best- go to classes, an intensive courses, but in Poland, after 2-3 weeks you can comunicate in social life,

about books, you can try "Hurra po polsku" (that's ok, but not the best). If you want to try contact to website, polish school in Warsaw, they also offer CD+ book, much better then another books you can buy in bookshops.
axid - | 18  
28 Jul 2009 /  #5
than other books ;)

yup, take classes,
it helps you stay motivated
and you constantly have someone to help you
if you need it.
i recommend 1v1 courses, if possible.
this way your tutor stays with your level all the time
and responds to your needs only.

good luck
marion 1 | 16  
28 Jul 2009 /  #6
Definitely take lessons, this is the best way to learn a language.
With only books you can't talk neither hear Polish, which is the most important for a language.

If you really can't attend classes, I would also recommand "Hurra po polsku", the teachers use it in my course and it's a good one, easy to use, and full of colours and pictures that help understanding. You'll also find a book of exercises and a lot of recordings with it.

Good luck ;)
axid - | 18  
28 Jul 2009 /  #7
I have tried to learn Scottish Gaelic from a coursebook only.
no can do, Sir.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
28 Jul 2009 /  #8
Gaelic is a fantastic language and very poetic. Some Gaelic sayings just dont have a similair translation in English or lose some of the effect.

If you can, visit the MOD, an experience you will never forget, and probably never fully remember !

An Comunn GĂ idhealach
OP sihnon 1 | 5  
29 Jul 2009 /  #9
Thanks everyone,

I'm going to see for the classes and will let you know
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
29 Jul 2009 /  #10
If Berlitz operate in Belgium then that would be your best bet. All you need is plenty of time (at least 6 hours a day) and money, but it is very fast and effective.
30 Jul 2009 /  #11
An intensive course is your best bet, but there's no way that "after 2-3 weeks you can comunicate in social life". I've just finished a course of 3 weeks (4 hours per day, 5 days per week) and neither me or any of my classmates can communicate at such a level (and as far as I can tell we're of average intelligence!). It's definately helped though.

Good Luck!
McEwen - | 2  
3 Aug 2009 /  #12
Hi there!

Do you want to learn or improve your Polish?
I am a native speaker of Polish with an MA degree in English Literature and a BA in teaching. I am a positive and motivated teacher who has worked in a range of educational settings; Primary, Special Needs and Language schools.

I prepare dynamic, interesting and effective lessons witch are adapted to students’ needs and expectations.
I am available for 1 to 1 and group tutoring at my place in Fitzroy North. (I can also come to yours if it’s not too far away). Prices are negotiable.

If you are interested
email me:

SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
3 Aug 2009 /  #13
If you get a book and no classes, make sure to have an audio CD. If you have friends that you can speak some Polish with it's a great solution of course.
Matowy - | 295  
3 Aug 2009 /  #14
I don't think an audio CD is the best way. They tend to speak very strangely on those CD's, and doesn't really prepare someone for a down-to-earth pronunciation. The best way is probably to correspond with any Polish persons through Skype or MSN and ask them for pronunciations (much cheaper and more effective than a CD). It helped me quite a lot.
Kazimierz 5 | 23  
3 Aug 2009 /  #15
Polish forums is a great first step.

Great Link!!!!
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
3 Aug 2009 /  #16
Start with cjjc's thread...

oh, cjjc that was a wanker, so good that he's not on the PF anymore. do you agree with me Lefty?
Lefty 13 | 124  
7 Aug 2009 /  #17
Oh yeah sure... I hate that tw*t. I heard he was a handsome bugger tho.

Fitzroy North.

In Australia?

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