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17 Jun 2009
Life / Kashubia, Kashebe and Kashubians. . . [23]

Just found this site , great information .

Hello littlemissbossy , I LOVE bossy women , & Kashubbies are the boss !hahah
I'm not fluent in Polski or kashub but I try ,.......
Dahme Buji (?) przynosić dużo piwo i pocałunki (?)

& Yeah those Kashub pagan customs are kind of wild .
My 3 brothers & stepfather are half-Kashub/Pomeranes and they have a different variation from the customs you all mention above . They FIRST decide to have a party (for any occasion or holiday or misfortune or sports game or when the sun goes down ) - Then AFTER they drink lots of Vodka , they break a lot of glass , and THEN they beat each other & anyone else around with birch , juniper , myrtle , oak , pine , it doesn't matter - they'll beat you with any kind of wood they can find . ( It's that Goth blood !! ) Then they climb into their sled & the reindeers fly them home .

(means : the police come & take everyone away !)

17 Jun 2009
Love / First date with this Polish girl! Some advice required on what to say and what to do. [35]

Thanks, I hope it goes well :S

also if anyone could help I want to ask her a few questions like

what is your hometown like?

how are your family?

what would you like to drink?

any others would be helpful :)

just to put her at ease and forget that i dont know any polish and make her open up a little

Hahah , I had the same problem here in Amerika Krabby . I have this mail-order wife I purchase at a high price from somewhere over there in Europe , but when I take her out of the mailbox - she speaks no English ! She broken or something , no work correctly in the head . I give her a kiss on her cheek and say ....

" moj hrvatski ona vrag JA udarac dlanom ploštimice taj magarac noćašnji !! "
but 'nothing' , she just looks at me blankly .

No matter how often , or how vigorously I hit her , she will not understand me .
I think to myself ....,,
"hmmmm......your little half-brothers are all a bunch of Pomeranians , maybe they can tell me what to say to her to make her work right ! "


Here is what they told me to say to her , I am not fluent in polska , so I might spell this wrong so be patient , but this is how it sounds (phonetik ?)

When you arrive say to her " mąż " , then look her in the eye confidently and say this greeting .....
"DAHME PIWO KUDVA ! "( this will get her attention and make her blush brightly in the face , and she will get up fast to catch her breath and maybe get you a soft drink coca-cola or something , maybe get you a beer like mine got for me ) and when she goes to do that you compliment her clothes like this ( say it real slow and nice , but kind of like the Fonz from on Happy Days on the T.V. )

" Dubja dupa babycakes "
....and then you are (how its said..'in-like-Flynn' ? )

Then my brothers told me it is very important to custom , to gently wake her in the morning ( If all goes well ) and you must kiss a $5 dollar bill ( or Euro-money , rubbles ? ) and put it between her breasts gently & whisper in her ear .....

" tutaj ........wynagradzać te mleczarz . "

And she will think you are like the James Bond 007 !!
You can thank me later and I will thank my little brothers .
17 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

Is there anyone can teach me some easy and fast polish dish,he he he......must be easy ^_^ don't tell me how to boil the noodles,because when i'm at home by myself,what i can eat and cook is noodles

Well you can make dumplings then no ?

First take 2 fistfuls of flour ( for little asian woman -6 fists full ) and a shot-glass full of milk and roll it up . When it turns to dough - you don't make noodles with it - you make round flat dumplings .

Then you put in the middle of the dough-circles a lump of kapusta or kimchee for you , or some stomped potatoes , or crushed turnips , turtle-balls , or whatever rocks or mold of your favorite choice .

Then you fold the dough circles over the lump in the middle & stand waaaaayy back from your dutch-oven full of hot motor oil & yuou throw the dumplings into the pot .

When they are finished you will be Polish and have some Pierogies . Please thank you for to tune in tomorrow and happy get recipe for Golumpkis ? Golabkis ?

phhllpptthhh phhllpptthhh
27 Jun 2009
USA, Canada / Hamtramck, Michigan, USA [41]

Yep , Restauracja Pod Orlem's still there . I moved out to the suburbs but my family still lives in Hamtown . ( go to Polonia restaurant tho on Yemans street - it's MUCH better I.M.op.)

p.s. - Hamtowns ALWAYS been full of ******* people , it's part of the charm ! hahah