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8 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

how does it work? do you use it with local access number? i need to call mobile phones in Switzerland, not landlines !

You can use pingo from any country to any country.

Toll free number in Poland is 008001212003.

Fees to Switzerland from Poland:
To Switzerland anywhere landline - 0,152 PLN
To Switzerland Orange - 0,88 PLN
To Switzerland Zurich - 0,136 PLN

Not sure if the rates are good. I mainly use Pingo to call India.
9 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

I assume the general calling quality is very good - it's comparably fantastic when I call India (cellphone or landline).

You make up your own Pingo Account # and PIN (those are your log-in details).

PinPass - once you put in a phone number(s) from which you make the outgoing calls, there will be no need to punch in Pingo Acct and PIN (automatic detection).

As for coupons - look for them in google (e.g here
18 Aug 2009
Love / Poland reverse of fortune in dating [124]

Other typical successful guys are (of course) ugly guys, v.old, short, Indian, brain dead looking etc. A total reverse of fortune compared with the rest of Europe.

What's wrong with Indians, pray tell?
2 Oct 2009
Life / Driving lesson - reading material in English help please.... [17]

Here ->,product,287542,nowe,testy,dla,kierowcow,kat,b,wersja,angielska.html

Test questions for cat. B in English

Here is the whole set: test questions, CD and a book.

In English -
In German -