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4 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Migrants makes room for '20 to a house [59]

don't the aussies live like this in london? they try to save up money to travel. my aussie friend used to share with 11 more people. now, why don't you slag them off?
28 Mar 2007
Language / good luck sayings [5]

-wszystkiego dobrego
-duzo szczescia
-polam nogi (break a leg)-it's also a good luck saying
15 Mar 2007
Love / Hot Polish guys photos [73]

hey, thought you were meant to post pisc of hot guys, these bodybuilders just look scary...
14 Mar 2007
Work / feedback wanted on teaching job offer [33]

can anyone please give me some feedback on this job offer: Teach english 30 hours max. per week; 5500PLN per month (after deductions) + rent free, furnished apartment in Warszawa. This sounds quite good to me, but I could be wrong....??

that's a lot of money, 5500 cash in hand, no living expences...i say go for it
12 Mar 2007
Travel / Cathedrals in Poland [8]

there is one in Poznan

and one of the most famous-in Gniezno
8 Mar 2007
Life / Cell phone options in Poland? [55]

I am wondering what providers offer the best service, prices for handsets, offers. I have looked through the websites of "Orange" "Eras" and seen what they offer.

Orange is the cheapest and most popular amongst the Poles
1 Mar 2007
Life / sky tv in poland [16]

okey dokey...there you go: BV_SessionID=@@@@1341991181.1172775880@@@@ &BV_EngineID=ccdladdkfkfmegfcflgceggdhhmdgml.0&page=Product&sku=754891 &calling_page=Product

you can ask someone back home to get it for you and have it posted to wherever you are
1 Mar 2007
UK, Ireland / Irish Thoughts on Britain and the British and vice versa [53]

yup I do come frome Poland. As for the differences:Scots and Irish are more chilled out, the busses in Scotland are irregular, the drivers know you by the name...The Scots have buckfast and neds,the English have chavs :). But seriously- I have English, Irish and Scottish friends and get on well with all of them.It depens on the person really, not on the nationality.
1 Mar 2007
UK, Ireland / Irish Thoughts on Britain and the British and vice versa [53]

I have lived in England, now I am in Scotland. I have met lots of Irish, Scots,English, etc. and have to say, there is a big rivalry between the English and the rest . The Irish, Scottish and Welsh get on "like a house on fire"
1 Mar 2007
UK, Ireland / More and more UK nationals have had enough [22]

Many UK nationals now see the Polish as parasites.
Everytime some of them see another Pole working in a pub or a shop or where ever, some people think.."oh god not another one."

If you have had enough then why are you on this forum ? Trying to stir things a bit?
28 Feb 2007
Life / sky tv in poland [16]

there is this thing that allows you to watch british tv through your computer anywhere in the idea how it is called but you can get it in pc world.