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26 Aug 2009
News / Jews use American congress to pressure Polish government to PAY [63]

American Jews were happy that Polish Jews died.

It may explain a lot.

Why is then a rabbinic school in Warsaw operated by the Americans not drawing any criticism (at least in public?)

But you know, I am reassured. a lot of Americans of Polish-Jewish roots seem to me resentful towards the old country, and I couldn't help but to think 'why?'. People lived in poverty in the 30s everywhere, in the US, in Germany etc. Why is it a crime of ours? They seemed to me as traitors, simply speaking. On the other hand, I am from £ódź, and my friends did not seem resentful at all. I really had a mixed impression.

I just need to say one thing. This reaction of Polish Jews is priceless, because the public mood in Poland is offended and generally turning to the negative opinion, given what the American Jews are saying about Poland and doing in public fora. there are complaints about what the Jews are doing. Please reiterate your opinion VERY STRONGLY.

We need help.

Just a thought.
9 Sep 2009
News / Jews use American congress to pressure Polish government to PAY [63]

Poland has to do reprivatization

Sadly - not possible.
I would like to get back the folwark in Grodno area, too. But 70 years had passed. Draw a thick line on this. You haven't bought insurance covering the war, and neither have I.
10 Sep 2009
News / Jews use American congress to pressure Polish government to PAY [63]

Poles and others are not about to count Russians in anyhow

Not for the time being - Russia is far too paranoid. They would start killing again. The perfect example is the 'Polish-German' alliance, and Ułans with Samurai to attack Russia'.

It boils down to the religion problem. Russia thinks that we want to force them to become Catholic. From our point of standing - it would be far easier for us if they accepted the Union church. That would bring unification to the orthodox world first time after the fall of Constantinople. True. But converting by force is not the desired option. The Polonisation usually takes place by request, not demand.

Taking a common front with them is possible, just like in the Eastern Bloc, provided that we are not the satellite states, or colonies, of the mighty Russian aparatchiki.

The way to do it is to extend the Polish Eastern Politics, until we are enough alliances for Russia to think they are better off on our side than against us.
10 Sep 2009
News / Jews use American congress to pressure Polish government to PAY [63]

In general sense, the religion issues are multiplied in the culture issues. Look at the women: in the USA, UK and other mainly Protestant countries women are covered from the knees to the elbows. In Dar al Islam - they are covered from the feet to the wrist. In Catholic lands, like Mexico, Poland etc, we flash the naked skin a lot. so the Orthodox culture is more conservative than Protestant - covered from the knees to the neck. Not like us damn Catholics walking around naked and trying to demoralize good Russian folk
10 Sep 2009
News / Jews use American congress to pressure Polish government to PAY [63]

Yes, but then the cops get after the atheists and fine them, thus Poland is such an oppressive country ;)
But you can see easily why the poor oppressed Russia must defend against the great power of Poland. We can MOON them, hehe.
16 Sep 2009
News / Russia opens archives and Poland demands minority rights from Germany [60]

yeah 30 thousand poeple - Jews are aiming to run this country little naive girl

nowadays, half-Jewish, as I mentioned, little naive boy.

I have a Jewish Grandmother, or Grandfather, not sure. I'm sure that means I'm aiming to run you. But what I would really like is to run you to a finishing school, so you can stop calling people names.
20 Sep 2009
News / Russia opens archives and Poland demands minority rights from Germany [60]

openly or secretly run this country

I agree that there are persons who want to run 'this country'. There are commies, socialists, Jewish interests, German interests, Russian interests. Each of those groups is doing anything to increase their influence and secure their interests.

What is weird, is that there is surprise at that. As an example, if you start a political party would you not want votes? if you start a lobbyist group would you not want influence?

Complaining about other people reaching for influence is about as logical as complaining about other people walking into a Church before you.

What this country needs is not that Jews, Germans, Russians, Left, Right stop reaching for power, but that average Poles start reaching for power. Being average, we are supposed to be a majority, and would win an election 'w cuglach'.

But of course nobody would vote for them. The same process for centuries - choose a de Valois, Vasa, Vettin, whoever, but not one of us. Others would feel bad about it.
21 Sep 2009
News / Western rationalism vs Polish (slavic) comfort [17]

do you think they are all unhappy there.

Yes. Being on the foreign soil means crying in the pillow when nobody can overhear you.

Leonard Luther (it's a band)

'when over Bremen the rusty sun sinks
and alien landschaft through the eyelid eats'

All the comments like '******* Polish girl!' in England are not helping.

Not only there are no friends from home, but it's hard to make new ones. I've got them now, but none are British: Lebanese, Macedonian, Bulgarian, South African, Nigerian etc.

Then the fact that people fake the smiles if they expect money, but if I want to sell something it's: sorry love, we don't want to trade with you. No, he wouldn't let you TAKE any samples.

(That was today)

So, to answer, I would prefer Polish comfort, but can't afford the Polish prices. I will concentrate on making money in the Wild West. It must prove worth it.

The fact that I can't go home on the shield, empty-handed is not helping. There is a lot of pressure.

And the Western rationalism means simply that at work they 'rationalize' so much that office staff can't answer a cell phone, read news or talk to one another for fear of 'stealing company time'. Even if there is nothing to do at the moment. You are to sit still and look like you're working. Which is a problem, because I work much faster, and get done, and would like to rest. No resting!
25 Sep 2009
Language / How does Polish sound to you? How to make Polish sound more pleasurable? [100]

babinich has posted this link in Politics section, but to me it's interesting how the language sounds in comparison to the long American pronunciation:

What's more, I am interested to hear how can I make Polish sound more pleasurable when speaking to foreigners? When in High School in the USA, I translated and recited 'Twas the night before Christmas', lifting all the Os half up - like when we say kobita instead of kobieta. The kids were taken with awe, and wanted to learn Polish.

How do you perceive Polish? What is unpleasant, what is pleasant?
25 Sep 2009
Language / How does Polish sound to you? How to make Polish sound more pleasurable? [100]

Thank you, Guys

the softened consonants sz, cz are hard to pronounce for us, too. One can learn to pay attention to those when taking on the phone with a sloppy speaker - the hissing is plain unbearable.

Syncopated, you say? that's a valuable observation. I haven't noticed at all. I don't understand about the first sound... Do we also do that speaking English?

'Birds chirping', I like the expression! So Polish does not sound like Russian?
25 Sep 2009
Language / How does Polish sound to you? How to make Polish sound more pleasurable? [100]

Polish people do holler all the time. German people seem kinda firm and control.

Ha! I thought it were the other way around - but that definitely depends on where exactly you are.

Leaves rustling, ice skating - another lovely phrase. (not when hollering, granted)

Thank you for answering me, I appreciate it.
26 Sep 2009
Language / How does Polish sound to you? How to make Polish sound more pleasurable? [100]

how do you plan on getting about 40 million Poles

I don't at all. it's enough that politicians take pronunciation lessons.

When speaking Polish was a matter of national survival for us, we were much more mindful of keeping it beautiful. Only in PRL had we lost that care - partly because PRL was a Polish state, even if a Russian colony, partly because it required mingling with the proletarians to be accepted.

I know, I know, another piece of historical ramblings to annoy you, Foreigners. This time only to explain causes.
27 Sep 2009
Language / How does Polish sound to you? How to make Polish sound more pleasurable? [100]

Hallao, Aj emm frrrahm Vawrrsaow, aj em stahdeeink laow ott jooniwairrrsiti....

Ha, ha, that's a good transcription of a Pole trying to imitate the lond and short vowels in English, but failing to notice that vowels have various intonations as well.

I asked a friend how his English were, and he gave me a sample just like this one. Also, I found that if I'm not trying to imitate the accents, I am actually understood better, - with the flat vowels, rolling Rs et c. Dracula-style.
29 Sep 2009

the Swabians

there are more names for Germans coming from their various countries.

Bambry - Brandenburg settlers, farmers and affluent burghers (burgman - bamber, I think they hadn't mind)

Prusaki - Prussians

Dojcze - keeping the pronounciation

Niemczur/Niemra - twisting the Niemiec name

Germaniec - a crib from Russian

Niemiaszki - a diminutive term, both nice and mean. Like in (aww, those neighbours of ours, tut!)

Russians: Rusek, Ruski kacap (but don't use that one, originally from Lviv: idiot), Moskal, Moskwicin

Czech: Pepiki, Pepiczki, Bracia Czesi (same as Niemiaszki)

Ukrainian: Ruski (offensive enough hehe)

General - anyone from the West: Pludrak, Pludraki, from wearing those pantalones. 'Shorty-pants', 'culotes'.

Within Poland cities offend one another this way:

Kraków - centusie (penny pinchers)
Warszawa - Warsiawiaki, Stolyyca (mocking the pronounciation)
Poznań - Pyry (potato eaters
Częstochowa - medaliki (religious medals, as in show-offs)
Katowice/Wrocław - Hanysy

and possibly more. The best one is from Olkusz. My friend got stopped by the Police for speeding within city limits, and offended them thus: 'Honey, where do you see a city?!'

There were also stanowe names, like strata names, class names:
Szlachta - pany
chłopi - chamy
mieszczanie - łyki
Żydzi - parchy
others - bieszczadniki

More here:
29 Sep 2009

Szlachta - show-offs
chopi - rudies
mieszczanie - rags
Żydzi - dirties
others - cheaters

Uh-huh. Will we have an international outcry at the in-bred Anti-Semitism?
1 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in UK. Ch. 1 - Staring [43]

It's bad.

First of all, people accuse you of staring all the time. In the Merchant's last time there was a guy taking to my friend Kasia, I turned around to take a look at where the voice was coming from - and the chap was outraged! He 'retaliated', I think: "Someone who spends an hour putting make-up on can't look at other people like they were mad!"

OK, first of all, it has taken me 5 minutes, second of all he was obviously mad as hell because he was talking to me like that. Can't I look at who is pushing their way past my bench in the pub? What is wrong???

Or in London, I was walking down the Oxford street, touristic-wise, taking my good ol' time but avoiding looking directly at any person, when this large black gentleman in a beautiful grey suit shouted towards me: 'averted eyes! averted eyes!' Well, of course I was averting the eyes, as I wanted not to stare at anyone and have some privacy touristicating.

I was shocked, but did my best not to let it show, lifted my eyes to the fist floor window and sailed away. But I decided to test it. Next day I went to Camden Town and this time I was taking good care to check all the people out up and down, paying attention to look at their bodies, especially legs. They loved it. They immediately started smiling at me, showing off their clothes. But I can't help thinking that it's rude.
1 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in UK. Ch. 1 - Staring [43]

Yes Polish people do and its bloody annoying.

That's the thing - I noticed that I'm annoying people. I also read about it on this forum. The point is that I was not trying to annoy - I normally look at people this way. I don't think that I look at Poles any differently.

So if it seems that we have this trait of staring like only Poles can, then do you think that it can be overlooked as a trait? I mean, when Japanese people come to Poland, we can never guess what their facial expressions mean, so we just think that 'it's a Japanese thing'.

I also noticed that people on this forum are afraid of 'starers', like it was a hostile, racist, or nationalistic activity, while it might not be at all an activity. Just the way that our faces look.
1 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in UK. Ch. 1 - Staring [43]

Ksysia you really are a magnet of insults ;)'

Hm... noted...

'be patient and forgiving Ksysia though'

this will earn me a crown in Heaven

'oh and that's me who called you a naive girl, remember ;)'

no, I've forgotten ;)

'oh and Ksysia I have no doubt you are Polish'

you are most kind

Come on! respect a lady, state your point without going to those extremes

Thank you, mvefa

Dude he/she/it is not Polish, chances are its some guy posting for the hell of it.

I am Polish. I'm not sure how can you tell since you are Turkish, but I'm disappointed. Are you not a nation of fierce warriors? Not any more, is it?
1 Oct 2009
Love / Polish/Filipina.. just wanna share my well as some 1 might give advice [10]

what a lovely letter! I'm happy for you two :)

My Polish guy likes to eat home food like pierogi or salty broth 'rosół'. Pierogi are commonly known, but I will share a rosół recipe that he said is better than his Mom's

You need a large pot of water 7l, half-full, and a small pot of water. Take some beef, for example half a kilo or more. Beef will give a strong, thick taste. Chose the part of beef that has some white parts, but not fatty parts. Take a chicken, a yellow skinned country chicken, cut it in parts and throw away any loose skin, because it's greasy. Cut the breasts away for a different dish. you can add more kinds of meat if you saved from another dish in the freezer - a duck wing, a goose neck, other birds. 5 kinds of meats is best.

Take 5 vegetables: 3 carrots, 2 parsnips, half a celeriac, a leek, some parsley. Peel them.

Take herbs: piment balls, pepper balls, juniper balls, salt, laurel leaves.

The way to cook is:

put salt in the big pot

boil water in both pots

put the beef in the small pot for a while, to make sure all the blood residue comes out, it will foam. not for too long. then put the beef in the big pot, add herbs. cook on slow fire, without lid.

after the beef becomes soft do the same with chicken.

after the chicken becomes soft, add vegetables, but the leek only for a while or the smell will be bad.

when everything is soft take it all out. use the vegetables for Salata Russa, and the meats for pierogi or paszteciki (mini pates). Drain the rosół so it is only liquid.

Then the important part - cook it for a while more to make sure it looks clear, and serve with krajanka (flat wheat pasta, short or in nests. use Italian)

Put the parsley on top of the soup. It should be salty and with ground pepper.

This soup will keep for 3 days, if it's drained, kept in the fridge in a plastic box, and without any metal spoons inside. After 2 days it's better to add something sour to it, to change it into tomato soup or beet soup.

Good luck!
2 Oct 2009
Life / Poles that have lived or live abroad are they different? [68]

Yes, well... I'm sure that Wroclaw Boy has personally been teaching manners to all sorts of people and they came out better for it.

Polans sometimes come back more relaxed due to your relaxed, laid back lifestyle. Everyone takes it easy in Britain, you have local newspapers, local radio, football teams and pubs, and that's about it. You don't fret over the politics as much as we do, you're not bombarded with Gazeta Wyborcza and TVN living in a state of permanent catastrophe.

This is what draws people over here, that lack of stress.
This is what makes people not care what job they are in - even if it's 200 pounds per week, at least the petrol is dirt cheap.

Now the manners issue - notice how you wave the yobs away with disdain. They are a problem to us, but you know that they don't represent your country. Well, Poland used to be a nice country, and when the bolshevik times came, it was a shock for everyone. Elders are forever brooding over how those times are bandit times, people are evil etc.

But, of course, when you are treated rudely by a bolshevik in Poland, you assume it was an average Polan. They hurt our reputation - the same as yobs hurt yours (yobs or sales women and shopping assistants who never have the time to answer a question, or cut the fabric unevenly etc)

I'll make a thread of it.