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trini nic   
15 Apr 2009
Love / Should I Be Nervous About Going to Poland? Black female dating a Pole. [158]


I'm new to the forum and was shocked at this thread.

But I just wanted to let you know that my experience of being a black woman in Poland has been been really positive. I was apprehensive at first but most of the people I encountered were very friendly. Granted there are very few black people in Poland and some stared, but I got no abuse or at any time made to feel uncomfortable.
trini nic   
15 Apr 2009
Life / Life in Bydgoszcz [39]

I've been to Bydgoszcz several times and I've found it great fun. Didn't see many "pissheads" not sure where you were!
trini nic   
16 Apr 2009
Love / Should I Be Nervous About Going to Poland? Black female dating a Pole. [158]

Glad to hear this but realize that there is a difference between visiting another country and dating someone from another country. For some, that's where they draw the line.

I do realize there is a difference as I have been visiting Poland with my Polish fiance. We are due to be married in Poland later this year.

That's the attitude - open mind. You can't base a whole nation on one small-minded person. My fella and I have got more negative response in the UK than we have in Poland to be honest. We tend to visit Bydgoszcz a lot which I've found to be fine. I wondered around on my own a little with no trouble. However my experience in Warsaw was very different. I thought it would be easier there, with it being a bigger city, but people were a lot more rude.
trini nic   
21 Apr 2009
Life / A married impediment certificate - where to get it from? [10]

Apr 21, 09, 17:36 - Thread attached on merging:
How to Marry in Poland


I'm British and getting married to my Polish fiance in Poland in August. I'm having problems getting through to the Polish Embassy to determine exactly what I need to do before we go. I have applied for the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. Once I receive that I will get both that and mt birth certifcate transalated. But I've just seen on another website information regarding a Letter of Assurance. Does anyone know what this is and whether I need it as well?