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14 Mar 2009
USA, Canada / Thinking about moving to Canada [12]

More than ten years I spent in security industry. Last 4 years I've been security manager in biggest security company in Poland. Maybe I can do the same in Canada. My mind is open for any ideas. I don't need to live in big cities. I can also live in country. My school was similar to college.

I am 31 and still feel very young so...
11 Mar 2009
USA, Canada / Thinking about moving to Canada [12]

I think about moving to Canada or Australia. I'm not sure what choice will be the best for me.
It's time for me to make a decision.
Can you help me and write something more about Canada. What costs of living I need to prepare for? How much can I earn? Where is the best place to start?
11 Mar 2009
Australia / Sending money- Oz to Poland (Not Western Union) [5]

There is no problem with transfer money by bank transfer. IBAN number is used by banks in Poland. Of course everything depends on charges you gonna pay.

My advice:
Don't send more than 5000,00 AUD at once.