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Thinking about moving to Canada

Franz_1 2 | 5  
11 Mar 2009 /  #1
I think about moving to Canada or Australia. I'm not sure what choice will be the best for me.
It's time for me to make a decision.
Can you help me and write something more about Canada. What costs of living I need to prepare for? How much can I earn? Where is the best place to start?
polishcanuck 7 | 462  
14 Mar 2009 /  #2
Be a little more specific. What do you want to do for a living? Do you have college/uni education? Skills?
As for cost of living, it depends on where you want to live - generally speaking the closer you live to the city centre the more expensive housing is but there are exceptions of course.

Many products in canada are actually cheaper than in Poland.
OP Franz_1 2 | 5  
14 Mar 2009 /  #3
More than ten years I spent in security industry. Last 4 years I've been security manager in biggest security company in Poland. Maybe I can do the same in Canada. My mind is open for any ideas. I don't need to live in big cities. I can also live in country. My school was similar to college.

I am 31 and still feel very young so...
polishcanuck 7 | 462  
15 Mar 2009 /  #4
Franz: I see a lot of ads for security work in and around toronto. THey almost always want people with experience - hopefully they'll recognize your experience from poland. You may have to take a security course though (can't help you here as they range in price and length, sometimes the company will train you). Your starting pay will range from $9/hr (which is shit pay) to around $16-18/hr - it also depends on what kind of security work as well (airport security, school security, property security, armoured car, etc). Since you have management experience, you may qualify as a supervisor which pays better - but you would have to look into this.

Accomodation costs vary. You can rent a room in a house for $400-500 a month (popular among students but for a new comer like you it could be the cheapest option) or get an apartment ($600-1200/month - location/neighbourhood/size makes a huge difference).

I think austalia will be quite similar from what i;ve heard from friends who have visited there - but the weather in OZ is a hell of a lot better than in canada that's for sure!!! :)
marz - | 13  
28 Apr 2009 /  #5
You can easily start as a security guard in Canada. I tried it for a few weeks with no experience when I was in between jobs. I took a course that lasted 8 hours, and I was hired right away. There is opportunity to grow in a security company if you are ambitious and volunteer for everything. Many of the security guards in Canada do not speak English as their first language. Just an observation I've made, so don't worry about any language barriers.
plk123 8 | 4,149  
28 Apr 2009 /  #6
you may want to look and see if you'd even qualify for residency in CA. this may make your decision easier.
Marcus Cygy 1 | 4  
7 Sep 2009 /  #7
Canada is great, come on over eh!
sledz 23 | 2,250  
8 Sep 2009 /  #8
I think about moving to Canada or Australia

You are going to freeze,, are you crazy:)

Australia would be better
ShawnH 8 | 1,507  
8 Sep 2009 /  #9
You are going to freeze,, are you crazy:)

Only for 6 months of the year. The other 6, he just has to avoid the construction pylons whilst driving!
8 Sep 2009 /  #10
LOL so true
polkamaniac 1 | 482  
10 Sep 2009 /  #11
You'd better head to Australia.The economy is so bad here that steel mills and auto plants are shutting down.With a 10 % unempoyment rate and climbing,you'll be lucky to find a job no matter what kind of education you got. Lot's a luck !!!!
Frederic 1 | 3  
27 Sep 2009 /  #12
If you have an arranged offer of employment in Canada, you may be able to come here as a Temporary Foreign Worker. Alternatively, if your security experience was in a managerial capacity you may be able to apply for Permanent Residence here if you have an arranged offer of employment.

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