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12 Mar 2009
News / Gadu Gadu for Mac [18]

Get Adium it allows to use GG, and stacks of other IMs all in one app. And it's fee!
12 Mar 2009
Language / Du ju spik polisz? [21]

For years (even back in the pre-WWII Polish) there was a dyrektor and then kirownik below. And all was good. Now wankers need to make themselves more important than they really are.

It is not true that menagers are higher on a corporate ladder than a "kierownik" one is a Polis word, the other an English one.

I am not having a go at the professor or anyone else, I am just stating the facts.
11 Mar 2009
Language / Du ju spik polisz? [21]

Of course the language changes, no doubt. But why complain if one is guilty of exactly the same behaviour?
Kierownik would do just fine in my opinion. But I guess menedżer sounds "better" more "American" and you know how greedy people are to make themselves more important than they really are. And that applies to the whole world. Recently I've seen that our local (Melbourne, Oz) train service was looking for "train presentation officers" or, in other words cleaners - George Orwell is rolling in his grave!
11 Mar 2009
Language / Help! I really want to learn the Polish language. [15]

There's a good book:
Berlioz, Polish

Berlioz is a series of books for tourists and covers a lot of different languages.
The books are distributed world wide and are quite cheap.
11 Mar 2009
Language / Du ju spik polisz? [21]

Recently I read in an online "Polityka" edition a blog by a professor of Polish language lamenting the apparent death of the language as he knew it.

What surprised me the most was a paragraph in which, the professor said that it is absolutely appaling that the "menadżerzy używaja angielskich słów zamiast polszczyzny"

I did a double take, then a triple and I still cannot believe that the guy is having a whine, while using the word "menadżerzy". One of us has obviously lost the plot...

To celebrate the fall of Polish I designed two T-shirts.

Hope you get a giggle. cheers, czuwaj!
10 Mar 2009
Language / kaboom, ruff ruff ruff, meow, or moo, or bang! - sound effects in Polish? [29]

When my sons where little they knew perfectly well that there was a distinct difference between a cow and a krowa, a dog i pies etc.

When asked in English about the cow sound, it was moo (with the closed uuu almost with a bit of the Polish "i" in it), a krowa for a change made the MUUU sound with a wide open vowel U. Dog was ruff, pies hau.

For them it made a perfect sense, for us it was incredibly funny.
Just like "Mój nie worka (łerka)" - this gem about a broken pencil.