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2 Mar 2009
Life / What kind of horses are popular in Poland? [21]

I was wondering about the kind of horses that are popular in Poland. I knew a breeder in Oklahoma City, that had an Arabian that had Polish bloodlines. He said the Polish Arabians were taller than the Egyptian Arabians.
2 Mar 2009
Life / What kind of horses are popular in Poland? [21]

Thanks for the reply. One of them is 2/3 quarter horse and 1/3 throughobred. The other one is 1/2 Arabian and 1/2 quarter horse. They are not anything fancy, but, they are dependable. I heard of the Hussar's from my mother. She said they were wonderful to look at. I have been online to look for books on the "Hussars". So far, I have found only one in the American bookstore. I am sure there are more, but I just did a quick look and haven't had the time to look more throughly.

Are the friesians from Spain?
3 Mar 2009
Language / Which books is it essential to have read to be a good Polish student? [23]

Thread attached on merging:
Classical Polish Books

I have read a couple of books that I was told were "classics". One was by the author Prus, and the title was something like the ""China Doll". and the othere was a series, I believe it was the Sword, Fire, and Cross. It was a very, very, long time ago. Can anyone suggest some books that reflects the best of Polish literature?