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14 Mar 2009
UK, Ireland / Getting married to a Polish Citizen in the UK [371]

Well maybe you are right about Polish passport, but as far as i know i can stay in Livepool and continue working as i will be married to a eu citizen and hellooo the goverment should give me the rights to be able to stay next to my wife. Getting the polish passport, i think after the second year of the marriage i can apply. I called everywhere after i posted that one....Looks like i ned to get a cerificate to be able to get married then after marriage will apply to home office to change my status in the uk this way i will be able to work in any job i want . I dont have to stick with my current job and also part time jobs will be available as well. You know the credit crunch is ruining everything and to continue my life at the same standarts i need to work more and more.. Offf!!!
11 Mar 2009
UK, Ireland / Getting married to a Polish Citizen in the UK [371]

Hello Everyone,
I have an urgent matter here and need your help as i couldnot find any information on Poland Embassies page .
I am a non eu citizen and planing to get married with my Polish gf this month, i already asked her :) and she said yes!we both live in the Uk me with a work permit and she is a student.

What i wonder is how long it takes for me to get a Polish passport after the marriage.We live in Liverpool, Uk
Thanks Millions and have a great day .