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7 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / polish girls outnumbers polish men interms of relationships with native from uk or ie [178]

nah, jealous is right, they are gorgeous! we all checking them out!

I was with a stunner (she irish by the way) and she was always flirting, she admitted to me on many occasions, drove me nuts! we broke two years later over her lying about having cancer (long story) but i doubt i could of lived with her

Whereas my lovely polish girlfriend, she is pretty and she doesnt flirt with everyman and so i have no reason to be jealous.

protective is another meaning. no women i know accuse men of this, its usually jealouscy they would claim.

ive seen it too, there is this girl who is like my sister and her irish boyfriend is SOOOO 'protective' of here LOL try a control FREAK!!!
7 Feb 2007
Love / relationship with polish man [40]

avoid avoid avoid (doesn't matter where they are from poland, ireland, uzbekestan)

Unless he actaully is divorced dont entertain it. You'll only get more hurt. I know i am being very pessimistic but its a defensive mechanism. Men can be quite devious when they are away from the home and will say anything to get into the bed

I hope he is not actually like this but be careful, only you can look out for you at the end of the day.

but i do hope if it is love, he gets the divorce and THEN you two can have a relantionship but hold to then.
6 Feb 2007
Travel / Australian guy in Poland for 1st time [6]

miedzygorze (near czech border, wroclaw is nearest main city) lovely mountain treks, peaceful and beautiful...ive a link somewhere? and click the film reel
5 Feb 2007
Feedback / Wait a minute...? Why is the forum in English, not Polish? [8]

Franky says .... :P

dont do it, get to it! all you gotta do to get through it!


I said earlier, i only deal with truth, this site has more for me than what i saw in the other site...

besides, your just jealous you didnt say it first heheh
5 Feb 2007
Love / Do u girls really like to get poems from men or it's rather overrated? [71]

Aw this is a lovely thread! so many differing views and points!

I love poetry and agree with many points. Its got to be from the heart, thoughtful and sincere. I like it to be warm and even bring a smile!

but id send it, i couldnt read it. I think we each read it differently and Id rather she could read and re read it to her hearts content

go poetry! wo!

Also here, its cinema, drink (beer/coffee either, depends on age)
Id love to go to the theathre but there are so few girls here would find that appealing! rather a turn off!!! which is a pity - women here want a gentlemen and dont at the same time!
5 Feb 2007
USA, Canada / Flower / Gift delivery from USA to Poland? [18]

oh thats good, i want to get them all in wroclaw to ensure it WILL get to here and be delivered from Kazahkstan :)

Its even better knowing that you have used them in the past! you were happy with the service i take it as you give the link?
5 Feb 2007
Love / What do Polish guys do to date a woman? [38]

miranda, I am very taken (the past year :)) and loving it :)

kaka. we would get on i think :) I do this but would be in the minority like franck it seems :)

its considered old fashioned etc, i thinks its romanitc, polite and is a sign you care, respect her.

I am very much the gentleman, loving pride and prejudice :)
5 Feb 2007
Love / What do Polish guys do to date a woman? [38]

phhf how does ANYman get ANY woman, its largly the same point.

Im no cupid or sex god but i know ive met women in many different ways that i can say, there is no one way or right way! If the feeling is mutual it will just happen any old way!

The first hurdle is obv opening yourself to rejection in anycase and it can be a big barrier the first few times - i find it an adreniline rush! ive been rejected, ive rejected, been accepted and accepted myself! its love baby!! :) and its one hell of ride! (no pun intended)