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30 Apr 2009
News / Will economic crisis hit Poland? [38]

But Foreign workers here in Poland can live like kings!....I have rented out my house in England....the rent i get pays for my mortgage...AND my rent here!...I also make a good living teaching English....which has been affected by the crisis...but in a positive way...thank god!
25 Mar 2009
Life / 800 thousand Polish women are victims of domestic abuse yearly [180]

i'm not talking about victims lightheartedly...but some victims ''choose'' to be victims....

by the way I'm talking about continuous abuse will and all that...get the door...and leave.
25 Mar 2009
Life / 800 thousand Polish women are victims of domestic abuse yearly [180]

Are you blind to the links I provided? Check out the feibert link first!

[GodfatherIsays; I'm a man....if a women hits me I KNOW I have done something wrong and probably deserved it

My god, what a mangina you are. Oh, just a thought, if a man hits a woman than by your logic she deserves it too......right? Pathetic.

get over it man....this is the real world..I never said hitting is ok...but it happens..EVERYWHERE!..

pathetic maybe...but by saying that will not stop it happening!...
and as for 'mangina'! ....well nope..I wont rise to that 'pathetic' comment!..

ps. you have too much spare time!!
25 Mar 2009
Life / 800 thousand Polish women are victims of domestic abuse yearly [180]

Of course men don't tell women or even other men they are battered.

I think battered is a lil over the top.... and as for ''taking it like a man!'' what does that even mean!

I'm a man....if a women hits me I KNOW I have done something wrong and probably deserved it...screw the political correctness attitude....the world is becoming lame!

In my opinion there is no comparison with the number of men being 'battered' against '800 thousand Polish women are victims of domestic abuse yearly'
25 Mar 2009
Life / Life in Bydgoszcz [39]

I haven't read what people have written up here ^^^^^^

But I went to Bydgoszcz once....never again...full of piss heads! ...and that was at a ''Breakfast cafe''
25 Mar 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

15zl for a pint of Paulanner in Champions Sports Bar in Warsaw...worth every ummmm gro something!

I accidentally ordered a bottle of ''Pinot Grigio'' at the same place....price...179zl!!..I'm sure it would have been cheaper to go to Italy and get the wine from there!
25 Mar 2009
Life / Is drinking water in Poland good? [96]

I have a huge problem with Polish water!!..Being from an Asian background the water in Poland has nowhere enough bugs in it!
25 Mar 2009
Real Estate / Foreigners: Please don't buy Polish Land! [823]

This thread should be changed to:

Foreigners: Please do buy land in Poland!!

The new building developments in Warsaw are stood EMPTY!!!!
The new Flats are EMPTY!!!
The queue of foreigners wanting to buy land in Poland is EMPTY!!!
25 Mar 2009
Food / Where to buy Cheddar in Warsaw? [57]

Stop Press:

24/03/09 - 20.34: Found Cheddar in a Tesco's in Bemova, Warsaw

24/03/09 - 21.09: Opened the window and threw the ''Cheddar'' out!

It tasted like plastic.....terrible!

Hey Seanus I think you should reimburse me 4.95zl
25 Mar 2009
Life / Is it difficult to survive in Warsaw without any Polish knowledge? [30]

I have been in in Poland for over a year now....and have been living in Warsaw for little over 5 months.

I spoke no Polish when I lived in a small town outside Warsaw...I speak no Polish now I live in Warsaw......sure I have tried to pick up some very 'common' phrases such as 'vodka please!' ...just messing!!....but I have never felt like it was a major problem. Every restaurant/bar I have been to has an English menu...and most have English speaking staff.

Not speaking Polish has its advantages as well!!..I have ''Talked'' my way out of a speeding ticket!!...and I don't understand when some drunk muppets try to give me abuse!

I understand when people say that whilst your living in a foreign country then you should try and learn the lingo etc...but life's too short!...I'm fine with things as they are...I love living here...and until the language barrier becomes a problem I'll keep on smiling and ignoring the non English speaking Polish people.

As for official purposes I use the British Council..and the British Embassy to deal with things...thats what they are here for!

If you really want to learn Polish here then do and exchange of teaching English in return for some Polish lessons...there will be plenty of takers!
13 Mar 2009
Love / British Asian with Polish Stunner!!! [22]

How many times have you been to Barbados and the Bahamas to make them boring? I think they're quite beautiful.
I love to travel, myself, and am considering an adventure to Europe... Any suggestions for places to visit?

I have been to Barbados 3 times...Bahamas twice!

when i meant they can get boring i meant that after spending 3 months there can become a lil boring...

no doubt they are fantastic places...but to way!
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

Sure? You were his mark to be ripped off for some ready cash by trying to scare you into paying up on false pretences. As soon as they saw the cops they did a runner. It was nothing to do with his position just ripping off a target. More likely he wanted the address to send his mates round to collect a few more 'contributions' from you.

Cheers...makes feel whole lot better!!

anyway i live a secure compound!!!...expensive..but worth it!
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

He wanted the address so that they could supposedly send the ticket there as I refused to pay on the spot.
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

Nope..i didn't get the controller number...

but I think he was trying to say as it wasn't a Polish passport it wasn't valid!!

He also knew that I couldn't speak Polish and thought Iwould just cough up!
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

Hey guys....

I just wanted to share an expereince I had on the the train last Monday night (night of the Liverpool vs Everton game) ..I was travelling from Prushkow to Warsaw to watch the game at 'The Champions Bar'...

Once the train got to Warsaw Śródm....... 3 guys came up to me, 2 identified themselves as ticket controllers and one was a big,mean looking guy from a security company. Anyway as I have a Warsaw metro/train/bus monthly pass (119zl) so I handed this over for the controller to scan. He scanned...all ok so far...he then proceeded to ask me for my photo id for confirmation. I showed my passport...and to my horror he said.. in broken English '' This is not valid...i need to see a Polish id!''....I replied that I only had my passport on me...he the told me that the monthly train pass was therefore ''no good!''

He then checked with the other guy, his supervisor, and proceeded to write me a ticket...the 1st thing he wrote was 107 zl....the fine!. I was still trying to convince them that my Passport should be sufficient proof of id but all to no avail.

I was angry...pissed off...(and not just with missing the strt of the Liverpool game) so as it was half way through the month making the pass worth a little over 55zl I told them that I wasn't going to pay the fine...and that they could keep the card !!...and began to walk off.

This is where it turned really scary.....remember the big mean guy...well he grabbed hold of me ...and tried to put his truncheon type stick between my arms...I'm not exactly a small guy...and can be just as after a few minutes of struggling the security guard called for back up...!!

Once the other well educated bafoons turned up they told me that I had to go with them and speak to the Police...ok so this really started getting scary.

We left the Śródm. station...and began heading to the Metro (a few mins away)...where supposidly there were Police stationed. I thought screw it...I'm not going to pay this stupid fine....

Twice on the way they asked me for the money...twice I declined, I said ''I'll let the Police deal with this''

They then asked for my address..which I again declined to give them...

We were like 10 meters from a couple of Policemen.....The supervisor turned to me...looked straight at me....shook his head a bit....and gave me my pass back..mumbled somethin in Polish...and along with the other guys walked off in the opposite direction!!!

I stood there for a few seconds....shocked...I didn't really know what had just happended!

I thought of going to the police and telling them..but thought better of it...what would I tell them...i wasn't sure of what had happened myself!

So I went off and tried to enjoy my game!

The train was the SKM service from Pruskow.

I went to the British Embassy for tax purposes a few days ago and asked them about the ID fiasco...and they told be that it's up to the discretion of the ticket controllers what ID they accept!....absolutley stupid!

I have now got a polish photo id....but I've lost a lil faith in the Polish transport system!

Just wanted people to be aware of this stupid situation

Have a good day...and travel safe!
19 Jan 2009
Love / Are Polish women "PRUDE"?!? [24]

oh you also gotta try harder

but give them a beer mate...and there all yours!!..:P

pssst - koteczkukat is a female.....

Lmao bad...i'm a newbie!

19 Jan 2009
Love / Are Polish women "PRUDE"?!? [24]

Nonsense...since I have been here I have seen crazy things like Partner swapping....mixed pajama parties etc..In the summer the girls wore well....not so much!...They are open minded...welcoming....and give it up just like english girls...but just with classs!...oh you also gotta try harder! most of that was a joke...the Polish girls I know are fantastic...great laugh...hard working...and up for adventure......I love them all...but better still...they seem to love me too!!

I'm a British Asian living with my Polish Girlfriend here for the past 10 months.....and I don't think the girls are prude...

God I go on a bit...this is my first day posting...I think i've written a novel!



PS...shhhs...but give them a beer mate...and there all yours!!..:P
19 Jan 2009
Life / Where can i get a real good piece of juicy steak in Warsaw....? [15]


I've been here 10 months now...loving it!!.etc (reasons explained in my post in the relationship section!)...

Anyway...where oh where can I get a real good piece of juicy steak...I'm getting steak withdrawal symptoms!! at this point I'd even eat a mad cow!!! (I'm mad anyway so I doubt if it'll hurt!)

When I first saw Tesco a few months back..( I was living in the Sochaczew... otherwise known as the back end of well...nowhere!...for the 1st 7 months!) ...I was sure they would have all my old favorites from England!...I was mistaken!...they had steak..or something they called looked a lil ummm..well ..lightish pink!...not the true...bloody red I'm used too!..I shelved out 19zl for it anyway.....brought a brand spanking new griddle pan...and of I went home too cook it....Terrible...disaster...shocking...the meat turned grey ...and tasted of well stale water!...Totally Disappointing!

Help me...pleaaaaaaaaase!!!!...I live in the Warsaw please don't tell me about any ''great lil butchers with black Angus beef in Krakow!!....I don't think I'd be able to cope!

Anyway...I'm off to the The Champions bar to see the mighty Scousers (Liverpool) take apart the Blues Muppets (Everton)

I'll have a beer for all you who find me steak!!


Imran aka Caveman!

Stop press...Tescos do have Heinz Baked Beans!!!...
19 Jan 2009
Life / Living In Poland For The Expat [67]

However, what is Poland really like for the expat? Of course I have heard a lot but would like some different opinions as I have never been there.

What are the people like? Friendly? the small towns they are great...once they get to know you!!...Warsaw is great...people are very can have a great social life

The, well, bit grim weather? was a scorching I'm still tanned!!!
The language? I have started learning but it seems a bit more difficult compared to my French and Spanish learning days.....don't do it!!!....I'm 10 months in and I can say hello...and well goodbye!....perfectly btw!

And how do you guys feel who live there compared to your previous countries of residence? I am interested to know.....I'm from Oxford England!!...england was full of uptight...tight wads! place is as good as you make it...if you live like a hermit everywhere will be awful..if you actually get out,explore..and put yourself about a bit its fantastic!!...oh or 2 can't find a good piece of angus steak...and your liver is going to get a pounding!!...these Polish dudes and dudettes sure know how to drink!!
19 Jan 2009
Love / British Asian with Polish Stunner!!! [22]

I thought about it...well i have done since i read your reply....ummm yeap..sure why not...I'd stay here if I wasn't with my girlfriend!...but I think it may force me to actually start learning Polish for real!...but yeah i'd give it a go!

Life here ...for me anyway just seems way more simple...and i'm a simple kind of guy! my my my my my bank account! ( btw that list was in no particular order!!....i had to write that in case my girlfriend reads this!)

I'm way tooooo mean looking (not in nature tho!) to be conned...or to be given a good beating!!!... No one (unless they know me) even sits next to me on trains, planes...or automobiles!!!...hey I'm guessing the terrorist look ( brown skin and a lil beard!!) aint so popular!

I have been stopped by the police a few times!! classic reply is something like ''ja nie polski!!!''...i then pout a bit...act all innocent and confused.....and get told to be on my way!!!

I was caught speeding once in Sochaczew....did the same thing...the police officer looked all flusterd...and after 5 minutes of him getting nowhere with me...he just put his lil black note book away and stormed off!!....I am sooooooooooooo in love with this place!!
19 Jan 2009
Love / British Asian with Polish Stunner!!! [22]

hi ...cheers for the welcome..

Ok...i was a bit vague in my original post due to time...i could go on for hours!!!

ok..good things I have experienced Sochacew/Warsaw

Everything is new!!!

Never met people like I have met here.

My students....contrary to popular British belief) Polish students are not learning English in order to get out of Poland.... and find there way to the so called promised land of England!!..but quite the opposite...they are very intelligent and see the future of Poland as a European country that has a great deal to offer. English speaking Poles are going to be the back bone of this country (controversial ?!?..sure...but thats only my opinion)

The culture!!...I came here for a few days two christmas's ago....after a long delay I needed a shower!...My girlfriends parents showed me the way to the bathroom...smiling and grinning like cheshire cats!!...I was too tired to work out why!...anyway...I got naked (steady girls!!)...and turned around only to find a very LIVE fish swimming around in my bath!

Helpful...the most helpful people ever!...(ok..not everyone...but see the not so good points below!)

Vodka...need i say anymore?!

Champions bar...i need my football fix!!...great steaks too!

Great Grills!!....great views...great lakes...I forget is it 100 lakes or 1000!!!..I lost count!

TESCO for having Heinz baked beans...anyone wanting a proper British fry then need to be at my place on Saturdays!.....perfect start to a day of great singing!...(was anyone at champions for the Man U vs Chelsea game?)....

There are many more....but most important is the positive...and negative views of my relationship with my girlfriend :

Positive....good luck to ya...hope you do two look great together etc...

Negative: Why a Polish Girl?...why take one of our girls?...especially one of the prettiest!?!?....all the negative people are now friends now they have got to know me!....Polish people are great listeners..and almost always willing to give new things a go!...they are not closed...they just seem closed!...knock on the door...tey will open up...eventually!

Bad things?

Postal service...late workers!...oh my god its cold here!..noimmigration!!!
( just playing dude , Hi btw!)...every country has negatives...

I have been to both Barbados and Bahamas...great places..but they can get boring,.....Poland boring...NEVER!!!..too much controversy for his place to be boring!

I'm here to stay!...btw I have been attacked...and even robbed....blah blah..blh..but in my orignal post I stated my overall experience satisfaction is 98%!!...and I stand by it!


19 Jan 2009
Love / British Asian with Polish Stunner!!! [22]

Hey guys and gals.....

I'm born and bread Oxford, England living and working here in Warsaw. I met my beautiful girl friend whilst working in Oxford over 3 years ago. She was there to improve her English and to earn a bit of cash to fund her university studies.

We began simply by thing lead to another...and after having a number of English/American girlfriends I want to say that I have never met a more determined, courageous and passionate girl in my life....she also had a touch of insecurity...and self conciuosnous....and to top it all off....she is very humble..kind...and simply stunning!

We would stay up until the early hours of the morning....every night...talking...we had so much to talk much to culture being British Asian coming from a major city....her being a small town girl( Sochaczew) with huge ambition. We fell in love...and our relationship was to be tested when she got into the University in Warsaw. We knew a long distance relationship wouldn't work.....and I didn't think I could ever cope with moving to Poland.

After a bit of soul searching...and a lot of heart to heart...I moved to sochaczew last summer with her. I spoke no Polish....not one word!!!! be honest I still don't know much ( 10 months on)... I had a great time in Sochaczew...sure I was stared at a lot!!....sure people commented on the mixed race relationship....but all that changed once I became an English teacher!...( I have taught ESL in many countries...but its been and absolute pleasure teaching in Poland). Soon I was being invited to bbq's....weddings (all 3 flippin days!!)...trips to various Babcews houses!!...I was like the local attraction!

We moved to Warsaw a few months ago...and I love it (98% satisfaction)....I love the sites..people...bars...clubs...teaching....and some food ( Flaki yuk!)

I love my girlfriend even more.. being with her...moving here has been the best decision I have ever I'm so much richer!!...I get paid far more for being a teacher here than I ever did in England!!...The standard of living in Warsaw is great.....and every day is an experience.

Why I'm writing this?...well I have been reading these forums for a few months now...and used it a few times for advice. I just wanted to pass on my experience.

Poland is NOTHING like me friends and I thought...they come here to visit me once a month and always have a great time....they don't come here just for the women, beer,women and more beer!...they think its great!

I didn't go out to look for a Polish girl...nor did I have any intention of coming here and working, its just happened...people are a lot more open minded here than they are given credit for.

My future in father in law even suggested our 1st child should become the next president of Poland!! over Barack Obama...Poland is going to get its first mixed race president if I have anything to do with it :P

There have been difficulties...but they have been quickly forgotten about!

I'm in the middle of organizing a International 5-a-side football tournament here....and excursions for Polish people to visit England and especially Oxford...Lifes great...did I mention that?

Thanks for reading...and have a tyskie on me!


ps excuse the typing..i'm writing this during a lesson break so i'm rushing a bit!