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30 Sep 2008
UK, Ireland / What is in Poland that England doesn't have? [142]

What dnz had in mind was Wielkopolska. Coming from that place I can confirm that it's basically flat. It's not the most spectacular region of Poland. I like it here but I can imagine why some people could call the countryside dull.

It is a bit like Lincolnshire fens- also flat and boring. But after visiting just Lincolnshire I wouldn't say that "English countryside is dull and boring"
26 Oct 2008

Bla bla bla, thats right we dont grow any fruit or vegetables it all comes in cans.

o yes, you grow but later you sell canned: potatoes, carrots, peas,tomatoes,
sweatcorns .....

I was bit shocked by canned potatoes- is it so difficult just to boil fresh ones?
15 Nov 2008
News / Poland has the highest shopping IQ [46]

I don't think it is so bad, people in UK are in general polite and smile but !!!!!!-SALE, SALE, SALE is 'pushy, ruthless and arogant'- harrasing you by phone calls , forcing you to buy store cards, knocking your doors to sell you something......

I don't know how it is in Poland now but when i was leaving (over 6 years ago) we were still in the nursery :-)
17 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Where can I buy DVDs in Polish language near Glasgow? [11]

I suppose people :
-download them frominternet,
-bring from Poland
- or buy in internet shops.

I don't think if there are many shops with good dvd choice except in London.
11 Dec 2008
Life / Are Polish People Hypochondriacs? [50]

There are more Aptekas (Chemists, pharmacists) here than any other country i have seen. One per person or something?.

So,as in UK there so many pubs are British a nation of alcoholics? :-)
19 Dec 2008

just they tend not to speak English with each other when in a group of Poles.

Of course not, Why would they? It is completely artifical and odd.
But If there are Polish and English as a group and Polish people speak between themselves in polish it is rude and doesn't show good manner. I never do it.
19 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

In 2008, a Pole could afford only 55 percent of what an average EU citizen could


In Poland people live in houses which they own in Germany 90% just rent....

In west europe couples often own 2 cars- Own? or bought them on credit. ..

Uk with its huge debts is on the verge of bankrupcy....

Is it really so bad in Poland? I don't think so.
19 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

I have been living in England for 6.5 years and each year when I come to Poland ( Krakow) I can see so many changes..... I know that it is partly due to help from UE but I don't see big difference between life in Poland and UK.
21 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

Of course the UK system isn't perfect - paying for prescriptions in some parts of the UK is an example. But the basic ability to get a doctor when you need one, irrespective of who you are is a good one.

You are living in a dreamland..... yes doctor in some areas available with a few days notice....till this time someone dies or recovers- like in the lottery.

NHS is just dreadfull!!!!!!.
After living Poland I thought that it is bad health system in Poland but I changed my mind now. UK- Dirty hospitals, old people dying as noone bother to feed them clean them, shortage of doctors, midwives, nurses....Visit to doctors time limited, doctors limited with theit prescriptions.

Let's throw it out there, what does the West have that Poland doesn't?

Noone replied to it....
21 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

Where has all the tax money I paid in Britain gone to?

I guess to managements, admin clerks.....which are growing and growing....but nurses, doctors shortage. Who bothers? It reminds me a bit of Kafka stories.
22 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

Thats the biggest crap not true !! And about banks in the UK you can open an account in 15 mins in Poland it take forever its crazy.

Hi,Hi really- you can be a millionaire but without 'credit history' -such a golden phrase you struggle in UK.

>>>stupid back home my medical aid covers my teeth eyes and even people contact lenses>>>

Covers???? you pay for everything including eye test- about £15 now.

>>>About the post office i had to wait liek an hour to get stamps and that is damn crap !!!!!!!>>>

For a change not long ago UK post offives were full of drunk and alcoholic queuing for their dole.Very pleasant.
22 Dec 2008
Life / Are Polish People Hypochondriacs? [50]

I don't think that so many Poles are hypochondriac but we like going to the doctors. And talk about illnesses.:-)
23 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

This topic was created to aggrievate people. I don't see many differences between life in Poland and England. In general it depends more on your education, job....There are poor and rich people in both countries.
24 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

When is the last time u caught the bus? Seriously, in Trojmiasto where I live, the transport system is rubbish. I hate the way u have to pay for 2 singles here unlike in UK where u can buy a return.

You can buy day ticket, week ticket....Why do we need return ticket becuause you have them in UK????? and truth to be said return ticket are not popular nowadays as people buy 'day rider' ticket in England.

Those people who complain about the British healthcare system read a few stories in Polish newspapers which like to sensationalise any hint of trouble in the British system, and make their decisions based on that rather than personal experience. A friend of mine died in Poland a yr ago because the doctor who was supposed to give him his monthly shots forgot about the appointment. 4 days later he went into a coma.

What about UK- Waiting days and days for appointment..... No cancer drugs for people or you are rich and can buy it....dirty hospitals.... sorry but it is joke saying that hospitals in UK are so great.

And of course your doctors, nurses are so perfect they never make any mistakes.
26 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

Even u can afford it Iwona

You can save your patronising tone for your Welsh mates....

You don't know where I was in UK but I guess yoy come from little Welsh village in the middle of nowewhere so visiting Poland was unfortunately is too big challenge for you.

I pray not to get to british hospitals- dirty, overcrowded with looong queues for everything.
3 Feb 2009

the answer to this thread is NO. In my opinion English people are more hospitable, in terms of laying on food and drink for visitors.. but that it is only based upon Poles living in the UK

Takeaways , I guess.They are usually too big :-)

I know Poles living in UK who are very hospitable.

I wouldn't say that English are mean- they are not but in terms of hospitality- visiting someone at home they make less effort than Polish ( in general there are exceptions) with preparing food.
3 Feb 2009
Life / Polish Police - my bad experience. [33]

Seanus, I did not concoct this story and it quite upset me actually. I have never actually been in trouble with the police, i have needed them and they have let me down on a number of occasions.

Everyone let you down in Poland: Police, health can always come back to UK where 'everything is better'.