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5 Dec 2009
USA, Canada / Are ther any Free Colleges in the US to join? [10]

Why would you even want to move to the US. The "American Dream" is gone. Jobs suck, the pay is horrible, and the government thinks that the best solution to every problem is to raise taxes. All the money is going towards a pointless war and to corporate welfare.
4 Dec 2009
USA, Canada / Are ther any Free Colleges in the US to join? [10]

No not really. Most colleges do offer some financial aid. The only way you can go to school free is if your really poor, you are a division I athlete, or you are really really smart. Other than that expect to pay a lot.
28 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Trykotowe prześcieradło - where to buy this in the USA? [2]

When i went to Poland 5 years ago, my mom bought this type of mattress cover, Trykotowe prześcieradło. It is not like a normal mattress cover, it's very soft & warm. She is wants to buy new ones but we can't seem to find any here in the USA and we aren't planning a trip to Poland any time soon. Anyone know of any places that might sell Trykotowe prześcieradło in the USA or online?
11 Aug 2008
Life / Doda - Nie daj sie [11]

I recently found this song & music video online. The music video kind of threw me off about what the song is really about and there are words / sentences that I dont understand what they mean. Does anyone know where I can find the english translation of this song?