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29 Dec 2006
UK, Ireland / UK theory part of driving test in Polish language? [23]

I am teaching my Polish friend to drive. Although her spoken English is OK, we still have a way to go with her English reading and writing.

Does anyone know if the UK highway code is published in Polish so she can revise for her Driving theory test. I do know the test itself can be done in Polish but thats no good if you can't study for it first!
29 Dec 2006
UK, Ireland / UK theory part of driving test in Polish language? [23]

No she's not going back for a while, and I agree it would be simpler for her to take test in Poland. The theory test can be taken in polish - I understand it's all done in front of a computer with headphones. It can be taken in lots of different languages. trouble is you need to practice before you take it!:)
31 Dec 2006
UK, Ireland / We welcome Polish people to Britain! [224]

Hi - I'm fairly new to this forum, but thought I might a comment or two about the start of this thread.

I have a small cleaning company in the South of England. Over the last 12 months I have employed English, Germans, Czecks, Ukrainians and Polish. Currently all my staff are Polish. They are hard working, honest and loyal. I have helped them out from time to time as they are trying to start a new life here in England and have found that simple kindnesses are paid back tenfold.

Maybe I'm a bit simple, but it appears to me if you treat people well they return the favour. Those who started off as Polish employees have now become friends, irrespective of where they come from.
9 Jan 2007
Life / Why do Poles drink so much? [161]

Jan 9, 07 [12:56] - Attached on merging:
Polish drinking habits

I live in the UK and have made friends with several Polish people. I always considered myself someone who liked a drink (not that I'm an alcoholic or anything)! However I have to be honest and admit that all the Poles I know can literally drink me under the table - male or female. Is it fair to assume that Poles are therfore better drinkers than the English?
19 Jan 2007
Food / recommend a good Polish bilingual cookery book? [9]

"A treasury of Polish Cuisine" by Maria de Gorgey.

great little hardback I bought from amazon, 6 months ago for about £6. lots of receipes and some background information on many of the meals ets as well. I'm an ok cook and found everything easy to follow and polish friends have said everything tasted ok. (though they might have just been polite!)
24 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Negative attitude towards Polish immigration in UK becoming stronger [90]

And to get back on topic I haven't got a clue what the attitudes of Bournemouth people is to Polish immigration. The one word you will hear there is 'grockle' - anybody who doesn't live there, especially holidaymakers

I'm from Bournemouth. Grockle is only used for holidaymakers, not for people who happen to come from somewhere else but live here now.
I have a small cleaning company and just happen to employ Poles. I find them hardworking, honest and loyal. I regard them not just as employees but friends, because to me part of the fun in life is learning about people, where they come from, their experiences etc. Our differences make being together enjoyable- after all wouldn't it be very dull if we WERE all the same. :)