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8 Jun 2008
Life / "Why bother!" - Experiences of life in Poland... [47]

What is so great and intelligent about buying larger quantites, so ytou saave a couple of zlotys. You think that Poles are so thick they have not figured that out, maybe consider that they know this but for exaple 1. might not have enough money to buy the larger pack in the first place 2. dont give a **** about cheap marketing ploys to make you buy more **** , and instead just buy what they need when they need it and in what quantity they need it nevermind the price.
8 Jun 2008
Study / Confused about the different universities having the same name [6]

its very hard to get into a polish university. Unless you write some ******** letter and give it straight to the dean, but you must lie in the letter how you wish to reloceate to poland permanently because of your roots and so on and that you can not do the entry exam.,

Otherwise I think maybe enrolling as an International Student will help ?
8 Jun 2008
Love / Why do Polish Women Think They Know Better? [134]

I think its just you guys like the assertive woman ruling over ya. but there is also quiet , shy girls and they have the lkast say , I pRefer this kind of girl.

7 Jun 2008
Travel / Is train travel recommended for tourists in Poland [14]

There is not much thieving and bad behaviour on Polish railway system , because the tickets for the underclass in Poland are very expensive, even on those sh)T orange trains that are slow and dirty. Oh and you do not need a car while you're in the town's and cities because Public transport is excellent in all of them in Poland. and it is also cheap.

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Rail Travel in Poland is SO slow!!

I was hoping to take a train from Czestochowa to Wroclaw on my forthcoming short break and discovered it takes 3.5 hours by express train to make the journey.
The distance from Manchester to London is twice that distance and still takes around the same time :(

i guess they don't have the trains we do, probably have to put up with a few more blockages on the track, plus the weather is sometimes more relentless than in the UK.

There could be a numbe of reasons i guess
7 Jun 2008
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

but TESCO , that guy who started it was a Polish Jew . just my 2 cents
And maybe because before Israel , Poland was a country woth the most amount of Jewish people ad viewed as the most tolerant in Europe especially for Jewish people. So because of all this history, that why Jews want to be in Poland . and also there is rich Jewish peolle in Poland that own companies, but so what. it always been like this.