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11 May 2008

hello blingin, i hope you will read this anyway and if not, another person with the same question will read this - maybe.

well, i will try to keep it short...

i'm asian and have a polish gf since 2 years(we both live in germany) and i was many times in poland.

my experiences:

-poland has a lot/big racism problems, you can nearly compare it with russia.
not only the old people have problems with other nationalities, even the younger, well educated people and this is kind of scary!

well asininity are everywhere, but this is just my opinion about poland!

-about her mother...when i met her mother for the first time and tried to shake her hands/introduced myself, she jumped up the couch and stared at me with her big shocked eyes and avoided directly to get to know me.

she started to have a very aggresive "brawl" with my gf. i just stood around and was very perplexed, didn't know what to say and to do. -___-

it ends up very bad....
my gf cried and we had to leave her mother's apartment at night-time.
month later there was still no peace in her family and i couldn't live with that matter that my gf got problems because of me.

i tried to end our relationship, because i just wanted peace for everyone!

well like i said,my gf(in general her whole family) got problems because of me.
i was accussed by her mother for everything what comes in her mind and was slandered/insulted, because i'm asian. -___-

at the end, i'm still together with my gf, but not really welcome in her family.

for me, idiocy is a curse for the humanity.

(sorry for my english!)