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20 May 2008
Life / Well You visited and/or lived in Poland, tell us what its like. [41]

valmoe1- Am sorry if you dont agree as Patrycja has asked for opinions good or bad.

If you read my post carefully I am not being negative as I say I have an open mind.

But here in Warsaw I have been a victim of a carjacking in broad daylight and also a robbery so feel that there are less police officers in Warsaw.

Also I never said Foreigners get dirty looks I said they leave you alone.

Which means they leave you to your ow devices which can get lonely in my opinion

Maybe I should have been a bit more elaborate about this in my previous post??
20 May 2008
Life / Well You visited and/or lived in Poland, tell us what its like. [41]

I live in Warsaw since almost 11 years now.

I love the malls which are now everywhere. My favourites are Zlota Terraces and Mokotov.

The winters are VERY tough and please dont compare them to Canada as here the streets are not in the same condition lots of potholes make driving tough!!

Also many of the smaller roads are not even salted at all..

Also lots of crime and hardly any policeman around. But then crime is there in London as well!

Medical care is way behind even a place like India.

People are not friendly towards a foreigner and generally leave you to your self.

Try to come here with zero expectations and you will be fine.

But I try not to grumble too much as its me who has chosen to stay and make this home......
(And I am what is known as a positive person )
25 Apr 2008
Life / Cultural readjustment... returning to Poland from the West. [58]

I have lived in Warsaw almost 11 years now and quite agree that Polish are not friendly.
They mostly feel that they should mind their own business but in the bargain have become a very unsmiling and uncaring lot!
Look around at people waiting at an airport, train or bus.Rarely do they even nod at one another or make eye contact.
Hell even in my gym which I have been going to for almost 6 years now its me who has to wish my trainers and the receptionist!!

Then they just wish you back --No one bothers to yak a bit about mundane issues!!
But then they behave in the same manner towards the polish members also.

Magdalena -In my opinion a smile is a great thing as it breaks so many barriers.
In Uk when you go to a post office or bank even if you dont speak the language you know people will smile and attend to you politely.

This takes away a persons fear.
Here in Warsaw even though I speak Polish there is no smile or friendliness in my post office.
And sadly my local grocery store lady will never chat or smile with me even though she knows me since 6 years.
So do remember smiling at a foreigner helps them get a bit confident and takes away a bit of the lonliness inside.