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12 Mar 2008
Food / Polish sausage ( don't laugh ) [11]

I learned a new polish word today. I'll try it out at Easter, my father and uncle know a little polish. My grandparents taught me many polish words as a child, but sadly I did not retain them.
12 Mar 2008
Food / Polish sausage ( don't laugh ) [11]

My father stuffs and smokes his own kielbasa. We eat it with horseradish, as we eat just about all of the other easter foods with the horseradish. He puts beets in with the horseradish so it isn't so hot. It's one of my favorite.
11 Mar 2008
Food / egg dish for easter [2]

Was it HRUTKA ?

My family would make this, similiar to scrambled eggs, hung in a cheese cloth to form the shape. Served cold. Is this what you are thinking of? If so, do a web search, for HRUTKA ,you'll find lots of recipes. My husband's family and my mom's side made this as well, and they were slovak.

also look up:

Sirecz (Easter Cheese) or Sirok
Microwave Sirok
10 Mar 2008
Food / polish cheesecake-need explanation & recipe [5]

I found this link earlier,


I am still confused, scroll until you see the square dish with the braided top, this website calls it "sernik" but it's square, other pics on website are round.

My cousin remembers a square desert:


my sister and I remember a round pie like desert:



I think "sernik" and "kolacz" are very similiar, but different.

sernik, a pie, with a crumb dough you put down as the base, then add cheese filling, and nothing else is added on top?


kolacz, a sqaure dish with a heavier bread with a cheese filling placed on top, then more dough braded on top?

I found a recipe in my polish traditions book. It is called: Serowiec or Cottage Cheese Cake and another recipe called Cream Cheese cake with a sour cream topping variation. Each of them has the polish title "serowiec".

The first has a graham cracker crust and the cheese used is cottage cheese, and you use a round cake pan, the second has a pastry crust with cream cheese for the cheese, and then has the sour cream variation and spring form pan.

I think this is what I was remembering. So I am giving it a go for Easter.
10 Mar 2008
Food / polish cheesecake-need explanation & recipe [5]

My grandmother use to make a cheese cake type of pie, which she and my relatives called "Kolach". I may be spelling that wrong, but that is how it sounded. When I did a search online, all I come up with is polish cheese cake or "sernik babci". The pictures look exactly like this pie she use to make. Why did she call it "kolach" ?

Does anyone have an easy version of this recipe? Recipes with variations?

We found this recipe
1/2 pressed farmers cheese-it doesn't say cup or other measurement
2 or 3 eggs
3/4 to 1 cup sugar
1/2 lemon-doesn't specify if it's juice and if measured by cups
1/4 cup milk
rasins if desired
beat egs and sugar, add crumbled cheese, the lemon juice and milk, add rasins, bake 350 40 to 50 mins.

It mentions no crust??