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9 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Fao Poles living in the UK [107]

Thanks for your help, mate!

What city do you live in?

I live in Birmingham.
8 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Fao Poles living in the UK [107]

I haven`t though about it yet, first of all I will have to what subjects are there, then I will pick one that intrests me or is be a good perspective for the future. Always wanted to go on IT, but now it`s out of reach, my maths is so "low". But I'm confident I can find something nice for myself.

Maybe you could provide me with some insights how does the studing in the UK looks like, because I don't have a clue. I wasn't paying my attention at school when we discussed this matter, hehe.

I mean the basics, how does the exams look like, is it expensive and anything else you think I should know before going to college.

There are no mistakes in what you said. Your English is spot on.

Well, I'm happy to hear that.

There's also one more issue, I must find myself a nice miss, eaither Polish or English. No rush though. :)
8 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Fao Poles living in the UK [107]

Well, I'm been here almost nine months now, soon going back for short (3 weeks :D) holiday to Poland, but I must say I don't think about moving permanently back to Poland, at least not in next two-three years. Living here is still easier then in Poland, at least from my perspective, not only you can afford everything you need/want, you can also save some money and send them back to Poland, as I do now.

If I get a long-term contract at work I will most likely stay and start thinking about getting a flat, car. You know starting a real life. I'm also considering going to school, at least to perfect my english, then I could try to go to college. But life will show how things will turn up.

There is also one more possibility. I might just pack my stuff and head by to Poland, go to school there, maybe trying myself at the same subject I studied before and then coming here once again. But it's very unlikly though.

I recently read in the news paper that many Poles head back to Poland because we earn here "only" twice more then we used to few years back. Well I think this is truth but most of this people are those who speak very little english or not at all, so they are highly limited. I for one can't imagine living in a country where I couldn't pronounce my self at least at level that could allow me to explain what I want not knowing the right word for it.

Quite a long post, so let my say I'm sorry for any mistakes I made.

8 Mar 2008
Language / 'Na pole' or 'na dwor' ? [32]

I always tought that "na pole" is used by people living in the villages, didn't know that it actually orginates from Southern Poland. But I does sound unnatural to me, I always used "na dwór".

Now a little quiz for non-polish. Where does "tej" originate? What part of the country. :)