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10 Aug 2008
Love / Polish men vs German men: Who is hotter? [513]

That's not true at all!
I think Germans are quite passionate.

I agree. I've seen enough cold and "non-reacting" mediterraneans to oppose them to some passionate and quite "reacting" Germans
21 Mar 2008
History / Katyn- forgiven and forgotten? [111]

Hi Poles,

I've seen Katyn film recently, this is masterpiece.

We have different history, in Soviet books there's different presentation of the fact. As well as that of horrible genocide, we call it ethnocide, that took lives of 10 millions (!!!!) of my people and not all the countries have recognised it as the crime of Soviets against Ukrainians! That was Stalin's reaction to our resistance to give our lands, abandon farming. They made people eat each other...

And GULAG. We haven't found the graves of our relatives, Soviets always sent them somewhere to Far East where they disappeared forever. Tortures weren't only physical, psychological were more monstruous. It horrifies, how human being, social one, could do it for another.

We studied one history at school, at homes we had another, forbidden to discuss with friends (our grandparents were still scared). The Socialist Revolution was created by the worst bastards, uneducated, criminals. The other leaders who saw communism as their real dream, commited suicide when they saw in what bloody reality has turned their "distant star of commune" (Mykola Khvylovy). Such authors as Bagrany, Barka appeared in our literature 10 years ago; their works created half a century ago are that bare truth, we're so eager to know.

We have different history with our parents. They were relatively happy with Soviet Union - free education, appartment, work. Our grandparents are full of hatred to communism, not all of them, though. Those ones, who were parasites, were always happy, the real faces of Soviet power.

We're grieving with you, all our respect, pain and light memory to millions and millions victims of that unhuman criminal Soviet machine.
Never and never forget...
26 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

No, southern, the topic, I've posted concerns not me only, that would be too easy.
I've read your posts and I know your transversal slavic experience :) I laughed a lot when read your opinion about girls from my country. What say, you're not the only one who thinks that way, and I understand why. Being with polish is your personal choice. I just don't like this artificial divine appreciation where polish is the centre of the world and others - like this, for comparison. Extreme is not healthy. As far as I've understood, you've lost the person you really liked or loved. And she appeared to be polish. And you continue to look for polish, while have to look for person. Maybe I'm mistaken. What makes me feel intriguing about your future is that you are one of those men who seems to know everything, full of complicated calculations and statistical analyses, and one day girl, let's say, from Belarus, will fall on your head like snow. And you quickly forget about what you wanted before. Only unexpected and unpredicted make life brighter.

Jones, we do ignore her.

Actually, the primary reason that leads me to forums like this is to discover more about other Slavics, what they are, what look they have on these and that....and relationships.

Sometimes prejudices work. For example, we call Bulgarians, extremely and terribly sorry, "gypsies". I denied it until the first and the only one Bulgarian whom I knew has stolen my money. Our frienship with this girl finished after two weeks of life in one room of student residence with unpleasant recollections and couple of things out of my property.

Apart that, I know people from every Slavic country, besides Poland.
Prejudices against Poles...I have a list ;)
26 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

I don't know. I will believe that not when the opposite will be proven (my English is quite something I should say :))

I have some feeling...when I asked him about her after that call, he told simply "she shouldn't be the object of your attention"

I have this small "being-predator" feeling...during her call she told that "everything was great between them until me, ......... ........... has appeared"

She doesn't leave us.

Real thing, southern, is real woman. Who is not humiliating herself after the lost game.
26 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

I'm not bothered at all.
A little bit, I really didn't want to make her suffer.

Don't worry about me, Jones. I know how to make my husband happy.

I do agree, relationships is hard work where polish brand won't help alone.

"Polish girls are good enough until you meet someone better", here I'm siting my friend. "If you cannot find what you want, something is better than nothing", here is another saying from my country.

I wish I really could have friends from Poland. We have some common history ;) I don't want to develop stereotypes against them. But till today haven't met any normal.
26 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

Fine. I’ll tell you my story then.

One year ago I’ve met Him. Who is my husband now. I cannot say anything about that meeting, people call it lightning. His is one of those men we call Prince, handsome, caring, irresistible…we were attracted to each other from the very moment we’ve seen each other. After two dates he had proposed to marry him and I began to laugh as far as we knew each other for 10 days. He told that he’s found the woman he really needs. The situation was dramatic, we’re from different countries (he’s German), I had to move to the UK for my studies, he also has his business in France and Switzerland. He told that he doesn’t want to lose me; in such a situation the marriage would preserve our relationships. So we did. Now we’re travelling every weekend, but he plans to buy a flat in London.

In this idyllic space one small problem. His Polish ex. They had been living together for 3 years before he met me…that evening he left her. One evening while in Germany, she called, I picked up and this representative of “the best women in the world” presented herself in such a way that I wished to wash her mouth with good soap. My husband told me that she’s very proud of being polish and repeated it every day. Also she asked very often whether he considers her the most beautiful girl in the world (I think, I’ve heard it somewhere before;)))

After these screams from the cars here, in UK, as I told you before, we have in my family a lot of jokes about polish girls. They’re symbol of “much noise from nothing”. She continues to call, especially the weekends and late at nights (in hope to interrupt ;)

I don’t want to generalize, I’m stating what happened, but same occurred to my best friend. Her Polish BF left his Polish ex who was mad. She couldn’t realise HOW he dared to do this.

These poor creatures begin to OVERestimate (this is for you, southern) their power, but, in fact, they care more about themselves than about their relationships. As a result – a lot of complexes and tears. They’re like …fish, not alive… They’re hiding behind this polish label and think that work is done, guys have to scream and dance around them. And you, guys, praying for them, only make the situation worse: when they’re facing the bitter truth of being of average value, the heart is already broken.

Polish girls are good enough until you meet someone better. But if you cannot, something is better than nothing.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but facts are severe thing
25 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

What makes you, people, think that I need the profound psychoanalysis from the group of 'polko-fils'? Ha ha, you really made me laugh a lot. You imagine me, come to your forum with the bare soul, abandoned...

Please, don't be primitive. You make me upset.

As far as I see you have tendency to polonize any subject here, come on, I've already discussed it in other Slavic forums... "beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" is, like saying in my country. I expected you to know it, hm...

For those ones, who's extremely interested, me personally I've never been left. My BFs left their partners for me, but I don't think this is object of special pride...I'm quite positive about freedom in relationships, but I reckon that woman's fault in "bad" relationships is more important. Woman who isn't able to keep her man is either lazy or...silly.

I'm not angry to be considered polish; I don't know them. They're always "somewhere here", but I haven't meet any. And I've heard a lot ;)

If being called polish is the measure of the highest appreciation (according to some of you), it makes me feel smiling. Denying the stereotypes, you don't even realize how deeply you've got stucked in them.

I like the answer about "brand", southern, it explains a lot. I'm grateful for your readiness to help in improving my knowledges in Slavic philology, don't worry, they're strong enough and recognized internationally.

"Never underestimate the polish girls' power.(unless you are russian girl)" - And russian girl has a priviledge to underestimate polish? And who has right to underestimate russian then?

I've got my perfect answers anyway ;)
24 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

"I think tusia does not like the idea of competing with polish women, bla-bla.........."

Please, leave me behind this. My private life is perfectly OK.
My personality is great also, if you're interested. I don't need to compete with anyone.

The problem is this "polish" atmosphere round me, non-stop absurd situations during last 6 months.

Some answers are really good, what I expected actually ;)
24 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]

It's not personal, Justysia

I've spent in the UK 6 months. And day isn't normal if I'm not asked 5 times "Are you polish?" in the street, supermarket, etc...In London even worse

I'm not, actually, but trust me, people treat me LIKE one: guys are screaming from the cars...I don't like that vulgar attitude

I haven't been in the UK for 5 years. This country BEFORE your accession and AFTER is two completely different places
24 Feb 2008
Love / "Let's leave beautiful women for men with poor sexual imagination" [150]


I have experienced quite a good number of situations when western (for example) guys left their girlfriends soon after they got acquainted with girls from Poland, and not necessarily better looking ones or nicer personalities.

Would the positive answer to question "Are you polish?" inevitably provide you with foreign boyfriend and there's really some hidden tendency I don't know about?

Is that true, that even gray, but ready-to-do-everything, mouse would cause more interest than beautiful/educated/emancipated?

What factor during the first meeting matters more, look&behaviour or "polishness" ?

I'd like to hear the opinion of experts.
Thank you